On my Night Sky Observer website, I’ve found that the WP-DBManager plugin doesn’t autodetect paths to mysqldump or mysql. Had to submit a support ticket to Bravenet to get this info. More time spent waiting…

Several hours later…Bravenet got back to me and told me they won’t provide that info. I’ve appealed to their better judgement but am not hopeful of a positive response. It’s beginning to look like I’m going to have to move the site (all 5+Gb of it!) to another webhost at some point. That will not be a trivial task.

With Bumblesoft having sorted out the issue with issuing licence codes, I finally got an unlock code for the Easy EmpireBuilder plugin used on the Baileys Tackle blog, only to find that my server is down with a 502 Bad Gateway error. All my sites on this server are down. Have to scrub installation of a blog on baileystackle.com yet again. Have submitted a support ticket and now have to wait till the problem is fixed.


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