As we all know, the apps market is booming. Android has somewhere between 50% and 60% of market share, depending on where you look and Apple have between 23% and 30%. Yet it’s the apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPads that seem to be selling. Android users seem to expect to get apps for free. There’s a good article about why app developers do better with iOS than with Android here.

Given that the apps market for iOS is doing so well, I’ve been looking into getting into it. I could have gone the route of becoming an app developer myself, but I really don’t have the time to learn a new skill at the moment.

So I’ve gone the other route – selling apps as an affiliate. The Apple App Store is part of iTunes and Apple run their affiliate program for that through LinkShare. I took the easy route in building a site – I bought a site install based on WordPress that lists and categorizes apps for the iPad and iPhone. And I bought a domain name for the site:

There are other ads on the site for additional revenue streams. Installing was easy and I had the site up and running within an hour (including individualizing the site and changing various ad code snippets and affiliate IDs).

Each app (10,000+ of them) has its own page on the site which provides a video and info about the app, along with customer reviews. The site auto updates once a week with new apps, new recommendations and the removal of old apps. It works on autopilot from now on and will bring in passive income from affiliate sales. That’s the type of site I like.

The site install is still available if you’re interested in creating your own App Store.


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