Adding products from Commission Junction advertisers to a blog has not been one of the easier tasks for affiliate marketers, especially not as posts for individual products.

One way to do it is to use the datafeeds provided by advertisers but you need a plugin like CVSPig or WP All Import to convert the datafeed into posts. And there may be some massaging of the datafeed required to remove unwanted products for example.

I just became aware of a brand new Commission Junction plugin that takes a different approach. What you do is select the advertisers you want to work with (only work with advertisers who’ve approved you) and select the products based on a keyword search. The plugin will then convert each product that it finds into a post on your blog.

You get the developer licence version which means you can use it on as many of your sites as you want and you can sell sites that use the plugin (but you don’t have resell rights to the plugin itself).

This version of the plugin normally sells for $299 (the basic use-on-one-site-only version is $39) (you can see the prices here on their website) but you can get the CJ plugin here for only $9!

Sounds like that’s a link to a pirated version of the plugin, doesn’t it? It’s not. The author wants to get word out about the plugin and build a sizeable list of testimonials so he’s offering it to Warrior Forum members at that surprisingly low price. If you’re not a Warrior Forum member, you can still buy it for $9 using this link.

[Update June 14th] I’ve had a bit of time to play more with this plugin so here are some more observations:

1. The plugin publishes posts immediately. There is no option for scheduling posts. This means you’ll have to manually select a number of products to post on a daily or near daily basis.

2. The plugin does not filter out already published products. They are marked as “Already Posted” but they still appear in the search results.

3. A typical search could produce thousands of products. The only way to navigate through these is via the Prev and Next links on the search results screen. Since it only shows 20 products at a time, it takes forever to navigate through a large set of results. And when you return to the search screen the next day, you have to start at page 1, wade through the already published products till you find more you can publish. In other words, it will take you longer and longer each day to find products to post.

4. The keywords box (for searching) only allows 20 characters. Not enough to add negative keywords to help refine searches.

5. This plugin isn’t yet ready to command a high price as it’s lacking what I consider to be some essential features. However, it is worth $9 to have a play with.

I modified this plugin for my own use to add the following features:

1. Already published products are filtered out of the search results.

2. 50 products are now displayed per page instead of 20.

3. I extended the keywords box so it can now take 100 characters.

4. I’ve added paging to the search results. Instead of just Prev and Next links, links to 10 pages of information are also listed along with links to the First and Last pages. Whatever page is selected for viewing, the links update so that the links to the next 10 pages are displayed. This makes it much easier to find products to post.

I’ll send my modified version of the plugin to anyone who buys the Prodo CJ plugin from my link above. Just email me with your transaction details and I’ll send the mods on to you.

The only other Commission Junction plugin I know of is this CJ plugin which adds products from Commission Junction into your posts but doesn’t create posts based on CJ products the way Prodo CJ does.


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