Cryptocurrency Investing Webinar

Make sure you join Joel Peterson and Adam Short for one of their live workshops where they reveal their new 84% winning strategy in cryptocurrency investing.

They are also giving away $10 in Bitcoin to everyone who watches and takes a short quiz at the end or the workshop.

On this free training you will learn…

  • How to use their proven software solution to quickly launch a ‘crypto profit machine’ in 2023 that makes money every day and runs on total autopilot.
  • How this system makes money whether crypto is going up or down so you can enjoy consistent, predictable profits without any stress or worry.
  • Multiple examples of real campaigns that

New cryptocurrency trading software

Internet marketer Luke Maguire has not had a product launch in over a year. He’s responsible for products like Instamate and InstaEasy.

Turns out he’s been off following a new passion – learning all about cryptocurrency.

And now he’s back with a new software tool for cryptocurrency newbies and enthusiasts called CryptoSuite. And this tool is designed to make it far, far easier to pick winning trades.

We’ve all heard that “The Money Is In The List” and that’s certainly true. But the money’s also in cryptocurrencies too. It’s just that investing and trading is a lot riskier than building an email list.

Luke has created a tutorial video

Bitcoin Webinars Oct 26, 2017

The final pre-launch webinars for the Bitty Cash program are happening today (Oct. 26th) at 2PM and 8PM EDT.

I talked about the opportunity in my previous post so have a read over that if you want to know more about it from a member’s perspective.

The program is designed to provide training about Bitcoin, make it easy for people to buy it and provide a compensation plan for members who refer others to the program.

It’s free to join, so there are so up-front costs.

That said, there is an option to upgrade your membership from Free to Tycoon level (something I’ve already done myself). That upgrade currently costs …

Bitty Cash Logo

At 1AM, very early on Friday morning (Oct. 13 my local time) I attended a pre-launch webinar for Bitty Cash, a program designed to bring Bitcoin to the masses.

I’ve been involved with Bitcoin since 2014, so I’m familiar with how to buy, sell and trade it. But for most people, Bitcoin is something they only hear about on the news when another high price is reached or it crashes in value.

Bitcoin is a decentralised virtual currency. While you may see pictures of Bitcoin coins or might have seen one first-hand, these physical coins do not have any value. They are simply physical representations of a virtual currency.

All currencies in …


iCoinPro is a program I joined a few weeks ago. It provides training about Bitcoin – what it’s all about, how it works and how to use it.

The Core Training concentrates on Bitcoin itself while the advanced training looks at Ethereum and why it’s different to Bitcoin. The training also looks at other popular cryptocurrencies and various ways you can make money from them. This includes mining, lending to others, staking and investing in cryptocurrencies.

There’s a live Google Hangout every week for members to keep up with what’s happening in the crypto world. Additional training is often provided during these live calls too. A recording of the latest call is …

If you’ve read my companion blog, Bitcoin Newsflash, you’ll know that I’ve dabbled in Bitcoin and Altcoin mining and investing. Why? Because cryptocurrencies take away the banksters control over your money:

  • Transaction fees are tiny, unlike what banks charge. This is huge for poorer countries who get fleeced with high money transfer costs. It could even spell the end for Western Union.
  • Money gets transferred, account to account almost instantly – so money isn’t sitting in limbo for 2 or 3 days (as with wire transfers) where the bank makes interest on your money.
  • Transactions are virtually anonymous. That means no one is tracking what you spend your money on. So