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Internet marketer Luke Maguire has not had a product launch in over a year. He’s responsible for products like Instamate and InstaEasy.

Turns out he’s been off following a new passion – learning all about cryptocurrency.

And now he’s back with a new software tool for cryptocurrency newbies and enthusiasts called CryptoSuite. And this tool is designed to make it far, far easier to pick winning trades.

We’ve all heard that “The Money Is In The List” and that’s certainly true. But the money’s also in cryptocurrencies too. It’s just that investing and trading is a lot riskier than building an email list.

Luke has created a tutorial video that explains what cryptocurrencies are and how his new software tool can help you make a killing is this space.

Here are 3 key ways this new software will help you:

  1. It will keep you informed LIVE when coins are looking like they are about to make a killing in the market or when they start to nosedive (so you can get out quickly).
  2. It includes an Arbitrage dashboard which will instantly show you how much you will make by buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at one exchange for a lower amount and selling it at another crypto exchange for a higher amount instantly.
  3. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) – the software will deliver all the info you need on any current and upcoming coin launch and rate them due to the success of those involved in previous performances.

That is as short and sweet as you should make it – but I know many like to really understand what they’re getting.

So, here’s a more detailed explanation of how the software can benefit you:

  1. LIVE notification alerts, COINPEAK feature & daily top winners – One of the biggest pain points he found in the crypto world was missing trends as they happen – if you are not on your computer all day looking for what is happening LIVE you can miss when a coin is growing or sharply falling in value.Luke’s software has a built-in filter system that allows you to set up any type of filter you want, to be notified the second it happens – for example if you want to know when a coin has increased by 10% in the past hour you will be informed the second it has, or if you want to know when a coin has dropped by 30% in X amount of time you will be notified of that.The tool also shows you the daily top growing coins and losing coins and you can track your favorite coins LIVE. It’s that simple – there’s full training complementing this section, but put simply, this automates a LOT of manual work and informs you based on real time info.
  2. Arbitrage Trading – Often in the make money online arena, we have seen arbitrage trading happen a lot – where you buy something at place A and sell at place B for a higher amount and pocket the profit. You can do this with cryptocurrencies – crypto exchanges each sell Bitcoin and other altcoins for different amounts.The software’s arbitrage tab combines the top exchanges, compares the prices and instantly shows you the profit you can make instantly from buying from one exchange and selling on another – there is no quicker way to make money than this.Cryptocurrency Arbitrage
  3. ICO’s – initial coin offerings – this is where a new coin is about to come out and you can get in at the BASE price – coins can increase in value 5x to 100x in very short periods of time and the success or failure of ICOs depends on 5 main areas – the TEAM behind the project, the white paper/concept of idea (basically, the coin’s business plan), endorsement by leaders in the fields and finally HYPE (which comes from the marketing team and is a HUGE part of any ICO) and what exchanges they will be listed on.The software gives an instant ICO success prediction based on all the information traders use to decide on autopilot, from the white paper, the team included, advisors, twitter feeds and any other related info. Most importantly, a never-done-before team/advisory comparison tool is included that will pull the marketing team info and advisor info together to show what other ICOs they have worked on (if any) and their legitimacy to score the potential success of the coin campaign.

The software will become available at 9AM EST, April 11th. There are no upsells or one-time-offers, at least during launch week, when discount pricing will also be available. Everything is included from the outset!

This tool looks to be a game changer for anyone who’s into cryptocurrencies.

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