Bitcoin Webinars Oct 26, 2017

The final pre-launch webinars for the Bitty Cash program are happening today (Oct. 26th) at 2PM and 8PM EDT.

I talked about the opportunity in my previous post so have a read over that if you want to know more about it from a member’s perspective.

The program is designed to provide training about Bitcoin, make it easy for people to buy it and provide a compensation plan for members who refer others to the program.

It’s free to join, so there are so up-front costs.

That said, there is an option to upgrade your membership from Free to Tycoon level (something I’ve already done myself). That upgrade currently costs a one-time $197. After the webinars today, that upgrade fee rises to a one-time $297 payment.

Bitty Cash launches to the public in just over 5 days – on November 1st.

Anyone joining after that date will have to pay $97 per month for Tycoon Level membership. So if this opportunity is something that interests you, then become a Tycoon Level member before the price goes up tonight, but especially before November 1st.

The webinars will explain what the program is about, the membership levels and the compensation plan for members.

There are only 1,000 seats available at both webinars, so arrive early to secure a seat.

Register for today’s webinars here

By the way, if you join Bitty Cash through any of my links (on this site), you’ll receive the following sign-up bonuses when you fully verify your membership account:

My Bitty Cash Sign-Up Bonuses


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