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Over the years I’ve built and hosted websites on various hosting companies. I used to create static websites using just Notepad when I started out and I still create static websites with my SiteBuilder Elite software. It was when I also started building WordPress sites that I found out just how many webhosts really were up to running WordPress sites. I had a lot of trouble with some well known webhosts with WordPress falling over for various reasons.

The cause of this is the amount of server resources WordPress uses. If you had anything other than a simple WP site (i.e. one with only a couple of plugins), the site would overuse …

HostGator are having a massive sale today (September 19th) for Talk Like a Pirate Day. They are offering all new Hosting orders at 44.44% off and new Domains at $5. With the savings you can get a shared hosting package for as low as $2.76/month! The sale starts September 19th at 12:00 AM CDT and ends September 19th at 11:59 PM CDT.

The 44.44% discount works on all new hosting orders, including VPS and Dedicated Servers!

Please note that all promotional pricing applies to the first invoice of new orders. So the biggest savings will be made if you buy annual (or longer) hosting plans rather than a monthly plan (where the …

Offer extended till August 31st!

The Hostgator 30% off coupons have been extremely popular. Many of you have asked for them to be extended. As of today, the coupons are extended until August 31st. Use coupon code: WB30PERCENTOFF

The longer the hosting plan you order, the more you save, so this coupon is best used on plans where you pay annually.

Click this link to save 30% (or click the image to the right) and enter this coupon code: WB30PERCENTOFF

UPDATE: This Tool Is Ancient By Affiliate Marketing Standards

You’d be far better off using modern tools such as Backlinks Indexer or SocialADR.

The emails I get most often from people are about how they can drive traffic to their websites.

A tool I came across not so long ago is SEO Equalizer. It’s been around for a while and sells for $27 and was a good tool back in 2008-2011. Not so much now..

But, Charles Kirkland convinced it’s author, Jeff Alderson, to reduce the price in this Warrior Special Offer to only a fraction of that cost (currently $17)…but the price is shooting up as folks are …

After almost a week of being offline due to webhosting problems, WebBiz KnowledgeBase is finally back online. So why did it take a week? Surely it should just have been a matter of changing nameservers and migrating the blog from one webhost to another. Easy, right? Nope! It should be a relatively simple thing to do but things are never as easy as you expect…

Why The Blog Needed To Be Moved

Ok, the first question I hear you ask is “Why did you need to move the blog at all?”. Well, it wasn’t something I decided to do on a whim, just to see if I could do it. Originally, this …

Multi million dollar business builder Joel Therien just released the first of a 3 part video series on tips, tricks and secrets in creating a five to six figure a month income from your home.

  • Use the power of the Internet to your advantage!
  • The hot keys to the very important “KNOW-LIKE-TRUST” principle!
  • Getting qualified leads and people begging to join your organization!

The content in this video that Joel has created is incredible, and it’s F.R.E.E.

Go watch his video……

In the next couple of weeks you’ll start to hear a lot about GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). No, it’s not another miracle health product. Kiosk are rebranding themselves and are launching a new all-in-one service that includes Kiosk Hosting, an Autoresponder, an Easy Video Producer Video service, and Hot Conference. If you’re familiar with these heavy-hitter internet marketing names – Mike Filsaime, Michael Cheney, Frank Bauer – it’s the hosting company they (and most of the other big boys) use.

If you use my SiteBuilder Elite software, I can confirm that you can build SBE sites on their webservers (I’ve built a couple of sites already). IonCube is installed by default, so …

If you bought my SiteBuilder Elite website authoring package, you’ll know that I recommend Hostgator as a webhost. Why them and not GoDaddy who are a huge brand in the web hosting business?

Well, first off, I have used both hosting platforms so I have good experience of both. For me, however, GoDaddy is all about making people aware of their brand and not providing an end product that’s good enough. It’s a classic example of style over substance.

So why have I come to this conclusion?

Do You Want Learn The 3-Step System To Kill Your 9-5 Job Selling Other Peoples Proven Products?