UPDATE: This Tool Is Ancient By Affiliate Marketing Standards

You’d be far better off using modern tools such as Backlinks Indexer or SocialADR.

The emails I get most often from people are about how they can drive traffic to their websites.

A tool I came across not so long ago is SEO Equalizer. It’s been around for a while and sells for $27 and was a good tool back in 2008-2011. Not so much now..

But, Charles Kirkland convinced it’s author, Jeff Alderson, to reduce the price in this Warrior Special Offer to only a fraction of that cost (currently $17)…but the price is shooting up as folks are discovering this wild deal this evening on the Warrior Forum. This does include training, you have got to see this (and move on it) right away:

SEO Equalizer Special Offer

Watch the video to see the software in action:

>> Just to warn you, this offer will be pulled at 12PM EST on June 29.


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