In the next couple of weeks you’ll start to hear a lot about GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities). No, it’s not another miracle health product. Kiosk are rebranding themselves and are launching a new all-in-one service that includes Kiosk Hosting, an Autoresponder, an Easy Video Producer Video service, and Hot Conference. If you’re familiar with these heavy-hitter internet marketing names – Mike Filsaime, Michael Cheney, Frank Bauer – it’s the hosting company they (and most of the other big boys) use.

If you use my SiteBuilder Elite software, I can confirm that you can build SBE sites on their webservers (I’ve built a couple of sites already). IonCube is installed by default, so there’s no messing around with ini files and the like. Just upload your SBE folders and away you go. [If you just want a basic hosting service the Hostgator is still the way to go].

Ok, So Why Is THIS Opportunity Better Than 99.9% Of Others?

Every online business owner needs quality web hosting and tools to support and run their business. GVO has long term viability because the product is excellent and there is a growing demand for it.

Think about it… one of the only ways to make a long term, solid income is to be promoting a product that has value on it’s own. Sure – there are plenty of high paying compensation plans out there, but they all have one major flaw…

The product usually sucks!

The compensation plan may look great on the surface. But if the product sucks, then the whole program falls apart very quickly!

This won’t happen at GVO because your downline will be using their services everyday to run their business – and therefore will be happy to keep paying their monthly fee!

Here’s what you get with GVO:

  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • In-house autoresponder system that rivals Aweber and GetResponse ($20 monthly value)
  • Easy Video Producer and video hosting ($100 monthly value)
  • Hot Conference webinars ($100 monthly value)

This Is NOT Just “Another Opportunity!”

To put money in your pocket fast GVO pays a very healthy 50% commission on the first month of all your enrollees. So let’s say you signup 10 people in one month, you would get 50% commission on those people.

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) First Month Commissions

GVO also uses a 2×10 matrix and you make 5% per month on 10 levels! A full matrix of 2046 people would earn you over $4,600 – even if you refer nobody.

But it gets even better because you will also get a matching check bonus of 20% on your personal referrals down 10 levels! So it’s like a second tier…

So let’s say you have 4 referrals all making around $5000 a month. You would get your regular commission check of $4,600 plus an additional $4000 a month in referral bonuses!

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) Subsequent Month Commissions

Re-Entry Bonus After You Hit a Volume of 14 People!

Once you have a downline of 14 people or more, you earn a new profit position in the matrix that you can actually bank!

Why would you want that?

Let’s say you find a new “Heavy Hitter”; you can let them know that if they join the program, you will join right under them to help them build their business!

You can cycle your re-entry as many times as you like! You can sign up directly under Joe (because you know he’s a big hitter) and start a new matrix and benefiting from Joe’s promotions.

It’s expected that folks who sign up will have a very long longevity with this system. When you promote it, and get sign-ups from folks that want the family of services, they are really locked down for a good long while – great for residual income.

So this is the Right Place, Right Time.

While GVO won’t be launched to the public until mid-September, there has already been “spillover” in just the short time this has been around (people with inside connections have been given affiliate links and the opportunity to invite the folks on their mailing lists in first). If you don’t know what spillover is, use your imagination, it is just what it sounds like (top down).

Secure your place at the top for only $1 – you’ll be able to see your downline grow before this even launches to the general public. Thereafter, the fee is $44.95 monthly.

Your Special Invitation

Remember, this hasn’t been launched to the public yet so now is the time to get on board! And it is by invitation only.

If you have any questions about the program, you’ll find them answered here.

Update: Multi million dollar business builder Joel Therien just released the first of a 3 part video series on tips, tricks and secrets in creating a five to six figure a month income from your home with GVO.

  • Use the power of the Internet to your advantage!
  • The hot keys to the very important “KNOW-LIKE-TRUST” principle!
  • Getting qualified leads and people begging to join your organization!

The content in this video that Joel has created is incredible, and it’s F.R.E.E.

Go watch the video now…


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