WebinarKit 2022

This week, WebinarKit launched a new version of their software for a one time “Founder’s” price.

This offer is available until midnight EDT, tonight, August 5th, so you can enjoy everything they’ve put together in this new release at a deep discount.

Why Webinars?

Many programs and services offer evergreen or auto-webinars for affiliate marketers to use.

At the end of these webinars, there’s usually a special offer presented to viewers that isn’t available anywhere else.

Typically, 80% of the webinar is pure training and the rest of the time is spent pitching the special offer.

They engage viewers and give them value and have a good conversion rate, so creating your …

Proven Brand Building Course For Amazon Sellers Now Available

Jim Cockrum and his team are back with a brand new course called Proven Brand Building which teaches you how to build a brand on Amazon as a seller.

While the course is initially being taught live (starting Thursday, February 22nd, 2022), all sessions are being recorded so that students can watch and learn in their own time.

Wouldn’t it be great to own a smokin’ hot ASIN on Amazon where you’re the only seller on Amazon without all the hassle of creating a new product?

Hundreds of people have already signed up for this course (me too) and the excitement is building!

Jim and his team are going to show you …

Freedom Sale Package 2021

Are you all prepared for The Freedom Sale that’s happening this weekend?…

It’s called a FREEDOM SALE because it happens on the July 4th weekend and because the products focus on creating financial freedom!

Instantly Save 93% on 3 top-quality products: ConverToolz, Commission Magnets and IMClinic

Omar & Melinda have been able to pull themselves up from homelessness by building an online business.

They’ve achieved FREEDOM from the chains of traditional jobs by selling digital products on the internet.

Now YOU TOO can enjoy the FREEDOM to make your own hours working when you want and where you want!

Their software products and training courses have helped countless people create …

GrooveFunnels Price To Increase

In case you’ve never heard of it, GrooveFunnels is a suite of tools for online marketers.

It includes things like a funnel builder, an autoresponder and many other other business tools.

I covered it in detail in this blog post on another of my sites, so I won’t reiterate that here.

GrooveFunnels was designed to be a competitor to Clickfunnels (which I reviewed here) and to be priced similarly.

Except that GrooveFunnels would provide additional tools that Clickfunnels does not and so would be of better value to marketers.

A basic Clickfunnels account costs $97 per month.

All you get for that is a funnel and …

Are Your PPC Ads Not Working

My PPC Ads Don’t Make Me Any Money!

Have you ever tried running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads and the results weren’t what you expected?

Most people throw a campaign up, check back in a few days to count their purchases, and to their surprise….there are no sales.

The good thing is, it’s not your fault and there’s a solution that’s pretty easy…

Let me explain:

When Nick was young, he was hanging out with one of his friends and they hopped in his car… and it just wouldn’t start at all, and they had no idea why.

When he opened up the hood, it looked like an insane web of complicated mess.

Nick …

Vidnami Product Video Review Explainer Video

The tool I use for creating videos isn’t my smartphone or even my webcam.

It’s an online app called Vidnami.

You may have heard of it before when it was known by its original name – Content Samurai.

It got rebranded last year; it’s just a new name – the same people are still involved.

So why do I use this tool instead of a camera?

Because I hate appearing on camera and I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

Something a lot of people can identify with, I’m sure.

Now, I’ve written a fair bit about Vidnami over on my other site and you can check these articles …

January 2020 SEO Case Studies

Do you want to see what’s working in SEO right now?

TheHoth analyzed a huge amount of SEO data over the last few months and put together some very interesting case studies.

Register free below and join them on Wednesday (January 22, 2020 @ 2PM EST) as they present the results:

  • 2020 SEO Case Studies
  • 3 deep-dive SEO case studies with explosive results
  • How they analyzed their hidden opportunities and found big wins
  • The exact strategy, links, and takeaways that you can implement immediately

Register for the free Case Studies presentation here

Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? It means Fear Of Missing Out.

If you use Clickfunnels® or you’re an affiliate, this post will let you know about the latest news about my favorite page and funnel builder (and, if it’s not yours yet, maybe it will be soon) and things related to it.


First, a message from Clickfunnels® co-founder, Russell Brunson:

If you read business books or marketing sites these days, you’ve probably stumbled across the phrase, “analysis paralysis…

Basically, it’s over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation to the point that no decision is made and no action is taken.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. We

Iolo's Phoenix 360

Iolo recently launched a new product called Phoenix 360.

Through to the end of April you save 50% on this PC protection and tune-up software. This brings the cost of Phoenix 360 down from $79.95 to $39.97! This is a significant discount, as the RRP for all of the separate titles within Phoenix 360 is actually $239.65!

Phoenix 360 provides total performance, protection and privacy for your digital life. It is a suite of 7 integrated software products and multi-device applications that optimize the speed and stability of your computers, identify and remove malware, viruses, adware and spyware, protects and secures your online identity by helping ensure anonymous browsing, stops ad-trackers, …

Making Money With Bitcoin

I got on the cryptocurrency train back in 2013 when I converted an old gaming PC into a mining rig.

I mined various coins and sold them off almost as fast as I generated them.

Buying Bitcoin directly back then was quite difficult. I eventually found someone locally who would sell me Bitcoin if I paid with a credit card. However, he charged a 5% “administration” fee.

That seemed expensive at the time. But then, Bitcoin was selling in the $100-$400 range.

At the end of 2013, it shot up to $1,200 in value. A 3X to 12X gain on my investment (depending on when I bought Bitcoin).

You only know when …