The tool I use for creating videos isn’t my smartphone or even my webcam.

It’s an online app called Vidnami.

You may have heard of it before when it was known by its original name – Content Samurai.

It got rebranded last year; it’s just a new name – the same people are still involved.

So why do I use this tool instead of a camera?

Because I hate appearing on camera and I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

Something a lot of people can identify with, I’m sure.

Now, I’ve written a fair bit about Vidnami over on my other site and you can check these articles out if you’re interested:

Video is easily the quickest way to get ranked in Google these days.

Since they own YouTube, they like to put YouTube videos high in the search listings if they cam find one or two for the term being searched for.

And people are always looking for product reviews.

So getting a video review in front on eyeballs is often quicker and easier than trying to rank a write-up in a blog post.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to structure your videos.

So in this video, Dr. Anthony from Vidnami reveals how to structure and create a professional Product Review Video:

You can actually download a FREE step-by-step template you can use to create your own Product Review Videos, as well as four other powerful video templates that have generated billions of views online.

Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint Pack

My Bonuses

By the way, I’m offering an exclusive bonus package for Vidnami which includes a Lifetime 25% discount, if you decide to subscribe though my bonus page:

Mega Bonus Package For Vidnami


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