Are Your PPC Ads Not Working

My PPC Ads Don’t Make Me Any Money!

Have you ever tried running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads and the results weren’t what you expected?

Most people throw a campaign up, check back in a few days to count their purchases, and to their surprise….there are no sales.

The good thing is, it’s not your fault and there’s a solution that’s pretty easy…

Let me explain:

When Nick was young, he was hanging out with one of his friends and they hopped in his car… and it just wouldn’t start at all, and they had no idea why.

When he opened up the hood, it looked like an insane web of complicated mess.

Nick essentially knew the BARE MINIMUM about cars, and he knew enough to fix the basic problem.

So he and his friend tried jumping starting it, made sure it had gas, but still nada.

Nick calls his Dad who then came over.

They told him the situation, his Dad grabbed one of his tools, hopped under the car, and started working.

*tap* *tap *tap*

His Dad jumps out from under the car after about 30 seconds of work and says “give it a try now”….

A few seconds later…


It was like magic!

Nick and his buddy were banging their heads trying to figure it out…

When all they needed was someone who knew exactly what to do.

They shouldn’t have wasted all that time!

PPC is the same way – If you aren’t getting the results you need, you need to turn to a mechanic.

Someone who knows the ins and outs of how paid advertising works.

Someone who can diagnose what’s going on and get you right back on the road.

It can prevent you from wasting a ton of time trying to do it on your own.

The good thing is there are PPC mechanics waiting for you – and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The Hoth can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it, whether:

  • Your offer isn’t attracting the right audience
  • You’re using the wrong campaign type
  • Your message match is off
  • You’ve fallen into one of Google’s booby traps

…or anything else that might be holding you back.

And once you know what to do, you’ll be back on the road again.

Want some help from their experts on how to get your PPC plan in motion?

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If you’d prefer to try a different approach to PPC advertising, have you looked at advertising on YouTube?

You select the videos you want your ads to appear before or in (those skippable ads you see) and you only pay for full ad views, not when someone skips your ad.

There’s a explanation of the process here:

VAC Workshop 800



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