9 Top Tips On How To Sell A Website On Flippa

Pretty much everything affiliate marketers do online is related to a website in some way.

Maybe that’s a blog you run, or a set of squeeze pages to build an email list, or sales funnels you’ve built.

Sometimes, there comes a time when you want to sell a website you own.

Flippa is the most popular place to sell sites online.

They have been for years.

So here are 9 top tips on how to sell a website on Flippa

1. There’s No Need To List Your Auction For Longer Than 10 days

5 or 7 day listings always get enough interest for the site to sell for the desired price.

Try to have your auction end on a weekday except for Fridays.

Tuesday-Tuesday or Thursday-Thursday seems to get the best results.

A 30-day auction would only ever be needed if you were selling a site for more than $100,000.

2. Choose Escrow Payment If You’re Sure Your Site Will Sell For Over $1,000

If you’re pretty sure that your site will sell for more than $1,000 then you should accept escrow payment only.

This way, you won’t get burned if a buyer turns out to be fraudulent in some way.

3. Start Your Auction At $1.00

This encourages more early bids.

The more bids your auction gets, the more interest it will receive, and ultimately your site will sell for a higher price.

4. Set A Reserve Price

This reserve price should be the minimum amount you would be happy to receive.

If the auction doesn’t reach your reserve price, your site won’t be sold for less than you value it.

5. Provide As Much Information As Possible

Try to explain in as much detail as possible, all you can about your site.

Try to list all the benefits and features it has and why it will appeal to a new owner.

6. Provide Traffic Stats And Earnings Screenshots

If you have any traffic stats, page rank information or Domain Authority and Page Authority values, add them to your listing.

Be sure to provide as many screenshots as you can to prove those traffic stats and earnings are real.

This adds more credibility to your listing.

7. Answer All Comments Individually Where Possible

More comments should mean more people will take interest in your listing.

8. You Only Need To Buy A Standard Listing

A standard listing, which is $15, is normally the only thing required when website flipping.

But if you think your site will sell for more than $1,000 then use the extra features available.

9. Add a BIN (Buy It Now) Price Within The Last 24-48 Hours of Your Auction

As a guideline, generally add a BIN price that is roughly 50% more than the current highest bid for your site.

So, if that bid is $10,000 then the BIN price would be $15,000 or more.

This encourages one of the bidders to act fast to guarantee they win the auction.

Flipping Domains

Domain Flipping

Flippa also allows you to sell domain names rather than full-blown websites on a domain.

Domain name auction listings are $10 but the upgrade and success fees outlined below will also apply to domain sales.

There are other, better ways to flip domains than selling them on Flippa.

If you’re looking for a domain flipping course, these are the best ones I know of that lay out the options open to you:
PRRage Box

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to keep fees in mid when setting your reserve price.

A standard listing is $15 which you’ll pay whether your site sells or not.

There are also optional upgrade fees to make your listing stand out.

These start at $65 and go up to $950, depending on the level of exposure you want to give to your auction.

Generally, you wouldn’t buy an upgrade unless you expect your site to sell for at least a few hundred dollars.

Like the standard listing fee, the upgrade fees are payable whether your site sells or not.

Finally, there’s the success fee.

This fee is only levied if your site actually sells.

For sites with a sale price between $1 – $499,000, that fee is 10% of the sale price.

It’s not capped.

However, if your site sells for $500,000, the success fee drops to 7.5%, and then to 5% if your site sells for more than a million dollars.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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