It's Time To Stop Being An Amazon Affiliate And Become An Amazon Seller

In case you haven’t heard, and you’re an affiliate for the Amazon Associates program (or thinking of becoming one), Amazon have slashed their affiliate commissions by at least 50% across the board.

I was going to write a post about this but got beaten to the punch by this post which outlines the changes and long-standing issues with the affiliate program:

Amazon Associates Update

Being an Amazon affiliate just isn’t worth the effort any more.

But there is still very good money to be made by becoming an Amazon Seller doing Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

I’ve talked about Jim Cockrum before – he created the Proven Amazon Course back in 2011 (which teaches you how to become a seller on Amazon) and has improved it and updated it, at no extra cost, for members since then.

He’s had the #1 selling toy on Amazon and, in fact, he and his team are seeing 7-figure sales days right now,

They had three of them in the last week alone.

He talks about this is the latest episode (#275) of his regular podcast.

Better yet, this is just one of several opportunities and a whole stack of good news he has in this episode.

I mentioned in a previous post that the price of his course would be increased in February.

But because the Coronavirus outbreak has had such a devastating impact on people’s lives with layoffs, furloughs and the lockdowns, the price has been reduced to $29 per month.

Proven Amazon Course Pricing

You also get access to a ton of additional courses for free that you would otherwise have to buy separately. You can see the list at the bottom of this post.

New courses, again at no additional cost, are added into the membership area over time as well.

See what categories are HOT right now – and NOT so hot (you will need to join a free Facebook Group to see these).

And here’s what your membership area looks like and all the additional courses you get for free when you sign up for the Amazon Seller training:

Proven Amazon Course Members Area


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