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Updated: February 12th, 2020.

Quick Announcement: The price of the Proven Amazon Course (my #1 recommended Amazon Seller course) is set to increase significantly at 11:59 pm EST (NY time) on Tuesday, February 11th.

Well, the price of the Proven Amazon Course did indeed increase at midnight EST on February 11th.

But not by the “significant” amount that had been flagged.

In fact, the price of the course only increased by $50 – a 10% increase – to $549.

I don’t know what the new price is as it hasn’t been announced yet.

And the exact date that the new price kicks in hasn’t been announced either.

I’ll update this post when that information is released.

The last price rise was back in August 2017 when it increased from $349 to $499.

When I originally bought the course, some years back, it was $299.

But there wasn’t as much material in it then as there is today.

This isn’t simply a course about how to become an Amazon Seller.

It’s actually a collection of courses, all of which are sold separately.

But as a Proven Amazon Course member, many of these other courses have been added into the member’s area over time, at no additional cost.

You can read about some of the courses added back in 2018 here.

And one of their most popular courses – Amazon Replens – has just been added to the member’s area (again, at no additional cost).

With this package, you…

  • Get access to multiple training courses because PAC is a library of courses
  • Buy once and get a lifetime membership
  • Have new courses added continually at no extra charge
  • Get significant discounts on new courses and live events

There are 3 payment options:

  • One Payment of $499 $549
  • Three Monthly Payments of $183 $199 each – total $549 $597
  • New: Four Monthly Payments of $159 each – total $636
  • New: Six Monthly Payments of $119 each – total $714
  • PayPal Credit Total of $499 – No payment required with 0% interest via PayPal Credit for first 6 months. See PayPal for details and restrictions. Not available outside the US.

There are no recurring fees whatsoever, and you get access to several additional courses that would cost a couple of thousand dollars if you bought them all separately.

Plus, you’ll get access to new courses that are added in the future.

I posted a review of the course a couple of years back which you can check out.

The member’s area looks a lot different now – see what’s in it in the image at the bottom of this post (it’s too big to stick in the middle of the post text).

So Why The New Price Increase?

Jim Cockrum (who created the course) and his team (who’ve created many of the other allied courses) add new training courses to Proven Amazon Course at no extra charge to current and past members.

That is, once you buy the course, you have access for life and get free upgrades!

However, because they add new courses, the value continues to increase and they have to reflect this in their pricing.

They share the sales revenue with the course creators and have a growing support and tech team that keeps everything going.

So, their expenses are increasing as well, and to stay profitable, they occasionally raise the price of the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).

Here are some of the new courses were added to PAC in 2019 – click the links to see the current prices for these courses and what they’re about:

And, more will be added in the near future.

Also, another huge benefit of membership are the exclusive discounts available for PAC members on their other courses and events.

Grab the the Proven Amazon Course now before the price increase and lock in your training.

Here’s what my member’s area looks like (remember, I only bought the Proven Amazon Course originally – all the other courses and ebooks you see below were added into my members area for FREE):

Proven Amazon Course Members Area


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