Silent Sales Machine Episode 357

Khang Dang from Houston was encouraged by his parents to go to school, get good grades and find a good career.

He did all that, but he wasn’t fulfilled, so he decided to launch his own business.

That business took off quickly and became a $1MM business, but it dominated his time and energy and he wanted to be home instead instead of feeling like he was “owned” by the business he’d started.

He did research in hopes of finding a business model that allowed him to have the lifestyle he dreamed of.

He wanted flexibility, to be able to work from anywhere, and to have a scalable business that gave him full control.

In his research he found these podcasts (earlier episodes -see below) and quickly got hooked.

A few months ago he joined Jim Cockrum’s Coaching Program program.

In just his second full month of selling on Amazon, he nearly sold $50K on Amazon using their “replens” strategy.

He’s found over 500 profitable products that are selling well for him!

He’s now in his third full month and while his “team” consists only of himself and his wife, they have big plans!


  • Proven Amazon Course – the course that Khang started with – it’s the best-selling course for anyone of any experience level of seller (newbie to pro). This course has every module that Jim Cockrum and his team teach included (many of the included courses are sold separately at higher individual prices).
  • Jim Cockrum’s Silent Team Facebook group – 100% FREE! Join 62,000+ members from around the world who are using the internet creatively every day to launch and grow multiple income streams through Jim’s exciting PROVEN strategies!
  • Proven Replen Training – intensive one-on-one rapid replen coaching
  • Rabbi Lapin’s book: Business Secrets From the Bible
  • Rabbi Lapin’s Podcast
  • The Oscar episodes –  Episode #218 which is Oscar’s first appearance on the show and Episode #301 which is Oscar’s update. Both inspired Khang to reach his goals!
  • Jim Cockrum’s Coaching Program – Jim and his team have been creating ecommerce success stories with their coaching program since 2004!



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