Silent Sales Machine Episode 523

Jim Cockrum has heard from many podcast listeners who have said that while they are impressed with the numerous “big success story” episodes of his podcast, they’d like to also hear from newer sellers who are just getting started or struggling.

He’s been doing a few shows lately that feel more like “new seller encouragement discussions”, and this episode is another of those!

On today’s episode meet a single mom Amanda Wykes who is only a few weeks into her Amazon selling journey, but she’s got great momentum and a determined heart!

You can’t help but root for her!

She’s found several profitable REPLENS (based on the Proven Amazon Course system), but she’s far from where she’d like to be so she and Jim talk it all over.

They discuss the reality of selling books on Amazon, how to source profitable REPLENS “off the beaten path”, using KEEPA the right way to avoid problematic brands and much more.

If none of that makes sense, then watch the podcast below…

This Episode In Audio Format:

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