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A peek inside NicheReaper 2

I’ve been a member of NicheReaper since it opened its doors a couple of years back.

Keyword tools come and go; some like Market Samurai run on your PC, other like Keyword Canine run online through your web-browser. PC-based software tends to run slowly while online tools return results quickly. Desktop tools tend to require a single payment while online tools usually require a subscription.

NicheReaper was an online tool that required a subscription. As is NicheReaper 2.

If you do a lot of keyword research, you’ll know that it’s a time consuming business. And this is where the desktop tools fall down. While they will produce good results, the time take to accumulate those results adds up quickly. The almost instant nature of the online tools trumps this as far as I’m concerned. Besides, a subscription-based system allows for continued investment in the ongoing development of the tool and licensing deals with 3rd-party companies than can provide the information you’re interested in.

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So Why Do Keyword Research?

The obvious answer is to identify profitable keywords to build a website around or to build Pay Per Click campaigns around.

One thing I always found difficult was to come up with nee niches to research. That’s where NicheReaper proved to be so useful. This tool provided lists of pre-researched niches, and over the years, I’ve found a huge number of niches this way that I’d never have come up with myself.

NicheReaper didn’t just provide a list of hot niches, it also had something like 6 million keywords already researched for you so you could see at a glance which ones had profit potential. And you could see which keywords were still available to register as Exact Match Domains for .com, .net or .org domains.

Which brings me on to domain names. You might think that all the best domain names have already been registered. That’s not the case at all. Changing trends mean new niches appear all the time with the potential to register Exact Match Domains for $10 or so. You can then either use the domain names to build sites on or flip the domain names to someone else on Flippa or SiteBidz.

So now, NicheReaper has been revamped and relaunched as NicheReaper 2.

NicheReaper 2 Automated Research

In fact, while I was playing around with the revamped tool, I spotted a keyword that looked pretty promising as niche-specific domain name and I was actually surprised to find that the .com was still available. So I snapped it up. I found several other such keywords that made great domain names.

So What Exactly Is NicheReaper 2?

It’s a real-time keyword discovery tool that finds and researches trending hot keywords and niches. Trending is the operative word here. The tool finds and researches 5,000 valuable trending keywords per day.

Who is Likely to Need it?

Bloggers, webmasters, niche Marketers, affiliate marketers and domain flippers/investors.

What’s The Biggest Advantage to The User?

A massive time and cost saving over conventional keyword research methods.

Product Overview

Standard keyword research methods involve thinking up a seed keyword (that’s the problem I always had) and then researching it, its variants and its competitors through numerous paid and free resources. This is costly and hugely time consuming.

NicheReaper 2 turns the table on its head by automating the whole process. It finds its own keyword ideas by crawling authority sites such as Google, WordPress, Wikipedia and Reddit and fires off these “new” trending keywords at paid search metrics sites (SEMRush – your subscription covers these fees) to disqualify keywords with less than 1,000 monthly searches and CPC values of less than $0.25.

Any remaining keywords are then fully researched for rankability, social exposure and competitor strength.

The tool delivers approximately 5,000 new keywords per day and deletes data over 60 days old to ensure the keywords remain fresh.

It also exposes new valuable trending keywords and pre-researches these to allow users to make an informed targeting choice without wasting time on research.

My NicheReaper 2 Bonuses

NicheReaper 2 is a great tool for finding domain names so I’m offering two bonuses to you if you buy through my link:

  • Flippa Cash – a 10-part video tutorial series on how to use Flippa to flip domain names and websites
  • Domain Cash Generator  – a 7-part video tutorial series about the ins-and-outs of buying and selling domain names
  • YouTube Raider 2 – a 37-part video tutorial series showing you how to get your sites ranked high in Google with YouTube videos (includes how to create videos if you don’t know how, or don’t want to be in your own videos). Only 10 of these are available!

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