A few of my readers have been in touch because they’ve heard about NicheReaper opening its doors again briefly, and I’d promised to keep people posted about this!

It’s true, for the first time in four months, NicheReaper has opened its doors to new members. Even with a database of 2.6 million researched and evaluated keywords, and 20,000 new keywords being added every day, and almost 200,000 researched niches, membership is still limited to 1000 people – the 200 open slots will be snapped up fast!

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!

Not heard of NicheReaper?

Identifying the right niche for which to build and promote a website is the foundation block of making money online. You have to get it right but, boy, is it time consuming to do yourself, even with some of the best keyword tools on the market like Market Samurai.

NicheReaper, as its name suggests, reaps the web for untapped niches for you. That’s right – not just keywords, but niches. It took the founder of BlogPiG, Gary Prendergast, and his colleague Matt Garrett two years to produce this game-changing tool.

NicheReaper will mine keywords, group them into niches and then evaluate them, assessing competition, monetary value, available domains and fanpages. Every day it adds about 20,000 new keywords to the database – all analysed and evaluated in this way. You don’t have to lift a finger, you’re just presented the end results so you know which niches to target instantly. Currently the database stands at 2.6 million keywords!

As well as telling you the obvious stuff like search volumes, NicheReaper’s complex algorithm:

  • Groups like keywords to form niches – so you can see the value of a niche, not just a keyword, and then build authority sites
  • Assesses the competition – so you know where you have a fighting chance
  • Reports available matching keyword domains ? so you can snap up domains which will rank
  • Lists Facebook fanpage URLs – so you can snare your share of the Facebook goldrush
  • Calculates a potential monthly revenue figure per keyword – so you know if it?s worth investing
  • Opportunity and value filters – so you can see instantly what to jump at and what to disregard

Within minutes you can have a valuable niche (which you’d never in a million years have thought of yourself) in the palm of your hand and for which you can get a site up on a great domain and start monetizing. And you can repeat this again and again so that you build a portfolio of niches to master.

NicheReaper also now includes 12 video training modules with over 60 training videos, covering every aspect of building, monetizing and driving traffic to niche websites and Fanpages. So whatever your level of experience, NicheReaper can grow your business with you.

NicheReaper launched in May and sold out within days. It was opened again in June but hasn’t been open to new members since then – not for four months! About 200 spots are now available.

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!

Gary and Matt have limited the total number of members to 1,000 to make sure the value of the system isn’t watered down, and they’re keeping to that limit, so they WILL close the doors again once the spots are filled.

If you’re a WordPress blogger or build sites with SiteBuilder Elite, you’ve already made the decision to focus more on the revenue generating aspects of your sites and to outsource some of the essential but time-consuming tasks to software.

Let NicheReaper take care of another vital task, one that you need to get right in order to give your chance at success a head start.

Grab Your NicheReaper Spot Now!


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