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Ever heard of NicheReaper? It’s a subscription-based service that has a database of just under 2,000,000 fully researched keywords (about 20,000 new keywords are added each day).

The keywords are researched for their profitability (so you get a ballpark figure of how much can be made with Adsense per month) and how many opportunities there are to rank the keyword in one of the top 5 positions on Google using competition analysis.

Keywords are grouped by niche, so you can quickly go in, find a niche, get a list of profitable keywords in that niche and start building sites around them in minutes. Keyword and niche data can be further filtered using other criteria.

NicheReaper in action (more features have been added since this video was made)

And because the keywords are held in the NicheReaper database, retrieval times are measured in seconds rather than minutes (as would be the case if you were to do similar keyword research and analysis with desktop keyword research software).

NicheReaper memberships sold out fast when it launched and it has been closed to new members for weeks now. In fact, there’s a large number of people on their waiting list hoping to be allowed in at some point in the future.

We contacted the NicheReaper guys and asked them if they’d be willing to open the doors to people on our mailing list and they agreed to do so. Frankly, the request was a shot in the dark, but it’s paid off. Guess it goes to show that there’s never any harm in asking for something!

There is a proviso to this special offer: NicheReaper won’t keep their doors open for long, so…

CLICK HERE now to jump the queue on all those who are currently on the NicheReaper waiting list and secure your membership today!

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