The guys over at Noble Samurai have an extremely special offer at the moment: they’re selling Market Samurai at a 50% discount. I figured this was worthy of mention as this tool is very seldom offered at a discount. Here’s the…

Special Offer Link: Buy Market Samurai for just $75 (50% discount) or check out the 50% offer here.

If you’ve never heard of Market Samurai, it’s a piece of desktop software (so it runs on your PC rather than being web-based) and it can be used for keyword research and SEO competition research, among other things.

I’ve written about the software before and that post also contains 16 videos showcasing the software’s capabilities, so check them out but the special offer link is only on this page, so come back here if you decide to buy.

This special offer ends on Friday, September 15th at Midnight PDT.


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