A bit of late-breaking news: I’ve just heard that Article Underground is running another membership Firesale. You can get a year’s membership for $299 (that works out at $24.91 per month instead of the regular fee of $97 per month) – you won’t find this offer on their main sales page.

Membership gets you 400 PLR articles each month, video training on ways to use the articles and (best of all) access to a blog network where you can post articles and snippets to get quality backlinks to your sites.

The price goes up by $50 for every 10 memberships that are sold.

Now, if you have ever seen a firesale, you know how it works. The basic premise is you start at a very low price and as units are sold, the price goes up. That way the folks that know what they want and act fast are rewarded with a lower price than those who “think it over” and wait.

First 10 fast movers get it for $299. Next 10 will be $349. Next 10 will be $399. Next 10 will be $449.

The Regular Price is $499 for a year when you prepay (still a big saving on paying monthly at $97).


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