UPDATE: Autoresponder Code Is No Longer Available

Here’s an excellent current course – Email Marketing: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today

Tim Bekker’s Autoresponder Code launched earlier today.

The Autoresponder Code is unlike other email marketing products. Rather that teaching you “How to build your list” or “How to drive traffic to your website”, in instead focuses on a largely unknown area of email marketing, offering simple tricks and techniques you can instantly use to :

– build a strong and positive relationship to your opt in list subscriber

– personalize your websites for your subscribers

– increase your squeeze page conversion rate massively

– increase your confirmation rate

– build your own affiliate program just by using your autoresponder

There are more than 25 techniques that aim to increase your profits dramatically.


It’s a pretty good course on how to go about list building and the psychology behind opt-ins and listbuilding and it will help you to maximise your list building efforts.

Bekker is also providing 3-Tiers in which affiliates can earn from promoting this system.


If you don’t have a list yet, then you’re probably better off not buying the course until you have created one. The course doesn’t teach you how to drive traffic to your opt-in pages, so you’ll need to go elsewhere to learn that skill.


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