Rethink Social Media - Stop Wasting Time, Start Earning Money

A couple of days ago, Paul O’Mahony – one of Mike Filsaime’s team over at Groove  (a suite of business tools) – held an online training event on how to use social media to bring in lots of traffic.

If you missed it, there’s a limited replay here.

It’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about social media.

This is an entirely different take on it…one that brings in lots of money for you because…

…you will be dealing with people who desperately need what you will offer them.

Even if you don’t like social media and wonder what is wrong with people who use it everyday and spend …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 505

Would you like to hang out today with a coach who has helped thousands of business owners over a couple of decades?

If you didn’t know, Jim Cockrum has a team of over 60 coaches from around the world (all of them are successful students who came through our training programs!) who teach people how to become successful Amazon sellers.

This amazing team of coaches is managed by the guest in this podcast episode – Matt Thompson – and he has some inspiration to share with you today.

These are stories from some of the many students Jim and his team have helped over the years!

Their 18+ years of success coaching …

How To Build a $100 Per Day Affiliate Marketing Biz in a Month

Interested in making money with affiliate marketing?

In the video above, internet entrepreneur, mentor and coach, Spencer Mecham,  shows you the complete framework for building an affiliate marketing business in 30 days or less that makes money daily.

Look inside his affiliate marketing business and see EXACTLY how it’s structured.

Spencer’s first Affiliate marketing experience was 18 months of painful trial and error learning bits and pieces of the puzzle without ever seeing the big picture.

He came closer than he’ll ever care to admit to quitting and never looking back but he thanks his lucky stars that he stuck with it and now he wants to condense what he’s learned in …

WebinarKit 2022

This week, WebinarKit launched a new version of their software for a one time “Founder’s” price.

This offer is available until midnight EDT, tonight, August 5th, so you can enjoy everything they’ve put together in this new release at a deep discount.

Why Webinars?

Many programs and services offer evergreen or auto-webinars for affiliate marketers to use.

At the end of these webinars, there’s usually a special offer presented to viewers that isn’t available anywhere else.

Typically, 80% of the webinar is pure training and the rest of the time is spent pitching the special offer.

They engage viewers and give them value and have a good conversion rate, so creating your …

You Can Now Test Drive Clickfunnels Free For 30 Days Not The Usual 14-Day Clickfunnels Trial Period

If you don’t know what Clickfunnels is, it’s an online tool for building landing pages, sales funnels and membership sites. You can check out my review here (on another site):

Gary’s Clickfunnels Review – Does This Sales Funnel Builder Live Up To Expectation?

Clickfunnels was co-created by Russell Brunson, a name you might have come across before, back in 2014.

It has remained the premier sales funnel builder since then, though new competitors have come along and some have since disappeared.

It is a business tool and costs $97/mth for the basic plan.

So it’s not cheap, but you can get 2 months free …

A Secret Affiliate Offer That Pays Out Multi 7-Figures

Anthony Morrison just released a brand new training video that shows you his secret affiliate offer that’s just paid him over $3,000,000.

And no, it has nothing to do with ClickBank!

It’s something that EVERY business owner, blogger, or online entrepreneur can use – and almost no one outside of the internet marketing space knows about it.

You can learn more about the Partner With Anthony program here.

Silent Sales Machine Episode 443

On this episode, Jim Cockrum has another success story for you!

Michael Morejon is only a few days away from leaving his full-time public school teaching career behind as he and his wife are now earning far more from their online business than they ever could have with his teaching career.

For a guy with absolutely no prior business experience, he’s done very well as a Proven Amazon Course student!

He’s learned the strategies that have enabled him to build a healthy six figure selling business ($490K sales in 2021) and the future looks very bright for Michael and his wife.

He’ll also be putting his teaching skills to work on Jim’s …

Proven Brand Building Course For Amazon Sellers Now Available

Jim Cockrum and his team are back with a brand new course called Proven Brand Building which teaches you how to build a brand on Amazon as a seller.

While the course is initially being taught live (starting Thursday, February 22nd, 2022), all sessions are being recorded so that students can watch and learn in their own time.

Wouldn’t it be great to own a smokin’ hot ASIN on Amazon where you’re the only seller on Amazon without all the hassle of creating a new product?

Hundreds of people have already signed up for this course (me too) and the excitement is building!

Jim and his team are going to show you …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 436

Often, sellers on Amazon report that they find a great product, start selling it and before long there are competitors driving down the price.

It’s the nature of all businesses actually, but there’s a little used and very creative solution that Jim Cockrum and his team over at the Proven Amazon Course have made available for their top students quite successfully.

And now they are rolling it out to their entire community!

It’s called the Proven Brand Building strategy and it’s explained in detail in this episode.

Not only can you launch a great ASIN (a unique product identifier) on Amazon, but you can protect it from competition and even get more …

SEO Tricks For Getting More Traffic

Ever had a site that you were trying to rank but it just seemed “stuck” in the rankings?

It’s painful and can seem like no matter what you do, it just won’t budge.

Well, over the last few years TheHOTH have been running experiments and found a few different reasons sites can get stuck.

…And how to fix them!

Here’s an an example:

Here’s a situation where the owner of a site was working hard building links for 3+ months consistently…

…But the rankings didn’t improve.

Ever seen that before? It’s a total bummer.

But don’t worry, there is a fix!

One of the things working really well right now for a …