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Carey Baird is the guy behind an Amazon Store Builder that was originally created in 2010 and has been continuously updated and improved since then.

It started out as Fresh Store Builder and, a few years later was rebranded as Fresh Store Instant, following some major upgrades to the system.

Then, just a couple of years ago, following another major update, the site builder system was rebranded as Fresh Cloud.

Members in the older systems were grandfathered into the newer systems.

The “Fresh” affiliate site builders have always been subscription-based services which include hosting of sites.

Several packages are available which allow you to build different numbers of sites within …

Silent Sales Machine Podcast #426: Single Mom Starts With $500 And Builds Financial Independence on Amazon

In this episode we meet a single mom of adult children who tried several different business ideas online before finding Jim Cockrum’s Amazon community and finding success.

She tried building a blog and it didn’t get much traction so she tried launching her own brand of sugar scrubs on Amazon based on pricey coaching she fell for after she heard about it on YouTube.

As you’ve heard so many times before, selling your brand as a new seller on Amazon almost never works out and it didn’t work out for this podcast’s guest either.

When she finally found this podcast and the Proven Amazon Course training, things took a turn even though …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 424

Do you have some tough questions about selling on Amazon?

Are you sceptical about the opportunity to build a business on the Amazon platform?

Many people have the same concerns you do, so you aren’t alone.

Recently, in a discussion inside Jim Cockrum’s free Facebook group, Jim asked for some “sceptics” to step forward.

He wanted to have a conversation with them about their concerns, the rumors they’d heard and the tough questions that were keeping them from moving forward in launching a business as an Amazon seller.

He recorded the conversation for you – and that is the gist of this episode!


They asked about drop …

If You Want to Grow Your Business in 2022, Sign Up For This List Building Event Today!

If you’re feeling a little gloomy right now because ad costs just keep climbing on every platform (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok)…

And the predictions are that they’ll keep climbing in 2022…

Then I’ve got a little something to cheer you right up.

While ad costs might be climbing fast, there is a solution to your traffic woes.

And that’s to build a monster email list as fast as possible!

I can almost hear you scoffing at me as you’re reading this.

Sure, Gary. Sounds great in theory…

But building an email list big enough to actually make a difference takes months, even years.

My business can’t hang on

I’ve talked before about what I believe is the best training program for people who want to become Amazon Sellers, and that’s the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).

Jim Cockrum is the guy behind that program which first came out in 2011.

In the 10 years since, Jim has kept it constantly updated and added 10s of additional training programs to it for free.

Those additional training programs are all sold separately as well and if you were to buy them all individually, it would cost many times the price of a PAC membership.

Jim has also built up a team of coaches over the years.

Some of these started out as his …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 414

This podcast has a great story that’s sure to inspire you!

Jim Cockrum’s guest, Cris Bealm, says, “profitable products are just everywhere” and she’s right.

She’s followed the concepts Jim and his team teach teach in the Proven Amazon Course course and she’s built an incredible business!

In her previous job as a high level corporate manager she worked up to 80 hour weeks away from home, but now she enjoys a flexible schedule at home and has more than replaced her corporate income.

In fact, just a few days prior to recording this episode, this guest hired her husband to join her so they both work from home now …

Two More Great Reasons You Need The Proven Amazon Course Now!

Jim Cockrum and his team love stacking on the benefits for their “PAC” students!

The “PAC” is the Proven Amazon Course – the best course for Amazon sellers because it has hundreds of recent success stories of new and experienced sellers alike.

TWO BRAND NEW HUGE benefits are being added for PAC students right now – giving even more big reasons why you should snag this $29 offer for full, instant access to the PAC now (before the price increase – see below!)…

New Benefit One

Jim and his team have an exciting live virtual conference event coming up Dec 2-3rd, and they want you there at no charge IF you are …

Silent Sales Machine Episode 406

The guests is this episode are heading towards doing $1.4-1.5Million in sales on Amazon in 2021 and are projecting to double that next year.

They credit Jim Cockrum’s coaching team for what they’ve developed as you’ll hear.

They are most excited about the brand-protected bundles they’ve built that are selling very well and are easily sourced.

They started with the simple strategies that Jim and his team teach in their Proven Amazon Course and ran a thriving Retail Arbitrage business in the U.S. while traveling internationally, as their first successful model.

And from there they’ve grown steadily into building branded bundles.

This father & son duo (who requested anonymity except for first …

InMotion Hosting Announces New Shared Hosting Plans And Pricing

Launch Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Shared Hosting is InMotion Hosting‘s introductory web hosting product and is ideal for small business owners, bloggers, and hobbyists who are creating content for a growing audience.

Shared hosting is a popular hosting method that allows multiple accounts to share the resources of a single server.

This splitting of resources enables individual users to enjoy a managed server experience with built-in features, without having to shoulder the entire cost of the server.

Shared Hosting plans are optimal for static informational websites with less dynamic content.

InMotion Hosting provides multiple tools to easily build and launch a professional website including easy installation of multiple Content Management …

Looking For High-Ticket Products To Promote?

Why Not Promote High Ticket Offers?

Would it surprise you to learn that it takes about the same amount of effort to promote a product that earns you hundreds or thousands of dollars in commissions as it does to promote low-priced items?

The real money in affiliate marketing is made from selling high-ticket items.

And, if you’ve been through any sales funnels, you’ll know that one approach is to offer a potential customer a low-priced, front-end product and then lead them through a series of upsells, where they’re offered increasingly higher-priced products.

At the end of that sequence will be the highest cost item.

And, if all this is part of an …