Jim Cockrum (creator of the excellent Proven Amazon Course) is back with another massive, but very short-lived discount offer.

This particular offer ends TODAY (June 11) at 11PM ET.

Below is the Video Training Course which has been discounted from $249 to just $7.

In order to get the discount, you need to use coupon code ASDFOR7 at checkout, otherwise you’ll be charged the full fee. 

About This Video Training PackageASD Video Training - what the course covers

Jim and his team teach students how to build a thriving business selling on Amazon.

One issue some sellers face is finding quality goods to sell.

While some do still bulk buy cheap goods from China to resell at a hefty markup, that’s not the strategy Jim and his team take.

They teach how to source quality goods, often locally in your own country.

In fact, they have a course called Replens that’s focused on finding such products that you can replenish on Amazon again and again.

That course has been temporarily discounted from $299 to $29.

And it would make a good addition to the video course.

It’s a very small outlay to learn how to build a successful online business, one that’s not related to affiliate marketing.


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