Did you miss Andrew Hansen’s The $14,300/mth SEO Action Plan For 2014 webinar last night?

Maybe you didn’t know about it. Maybe you forgot. Maybe you couldn’t attend. maybe all the spots were filled when you arrived. Maybe you weren’t interested.

If how your websites and blogs rank in the search engines, and the consequent traffic and customers you get from good placement are of any interest to you, then take some time out to watch the webinar replay. But don’t wait; the replay is only online for the next 8 days and will be taken down on Friday 19th at 11 PM EST.

Rankings Institute Webinar Replay

You’ll pick up some great SEO tips for your own sites, and you’ll see what other people have done, and why, that’s made their online businesses (just affiliate websites like anyone can build) incredibly successful.

Interest in this webinar was huge and more than 2,200 people registered for it. As there were only 1,000 spots available on the webinar, 1,200 people missed out. Perhaps you’re one of them.

Things you should pay particular attention to in the webinar:

  1. How SEO has changed in the last couple of years, what’s different now, and why it’s allowing people to rank and make money more easily than before- that’s early on in the webinar.
  2. Everyone has a hidden goldmine in their market: Andrew literally broke down the stats from Blaine’s $5/mo SEO campaign to show how he uncovered a hidden pocket of profitable keywords that NOBODY would have known existed – this is the first case study.
  3. These kinds of “links” might be more important than your backlinks. You hear a story from Aussie Matt, who’s site has made $27k this year, and he tells a story about how he got some INSTANT rankings, by using this type of link instead of a backlink – that’s the second case study.
  4. Then there’s Stacey…Andrew laid out the exact SEO plan Stacey used to generate $14,300 affiliate commissions in May alone.

You just need to watch this webinar as quickly as you can.

The webinar replay only going to be online for another 8 days. So DON’T put this off.

It’s full of actionable items: Things that could improve your rankings fast, if you implement them.

Go take a look and get ready to do some work.


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