In my previous post, I talked about Andrew Hansen’s Rankings Institute (RI), a members-only 8-week coaching course on Search Engine Optimization techniques for 2014 and beyond.

That post had a link to a video that explained two techniques you can use to radically improve how your sites rank. If SEO is something you’re interested in then check out the post or, if you want to skip that, you can skip straight to the first video here.

Second Rankings Institute Case Study

Hansen has released the second of his case studies looking at the successes achieved by members. This time it’s the turn of Ennis, who has taken a new blog from $0 in February to just under $4,000 per month in August, just by following what RI teaches:

Upcoming RI Webinar

Andrew will be hosting a live webinar on September 9th, at 5pm EST, where he’ll share with you the SEO action plan that created the success stories in the above videos. And he’ll also look at seven other members who have also seen success with site earnings ranging from $1,000 per month to over $14,000.

Click here to claim your spot on the webinar immediately (limited places)

You can forget hype. Forget the nonsense of the whole “make money online” industry.

He’s going to show you LIVE rankings.

… Real keyword lists

… And real income statements

…of 3 real people who have grown 4 and 5 figure monthly incomes in the past 6 months using cutting edge SEO strategies and smart business principles.

And you’re going to leave knowing “the difference that makes the difference”. You’ll leave knowing how you could achieve the same.

He’s going to talk about:

  • Why people are still doing keyword research wrong.
  • Why people are still building backlinks the wrong way (and wondering why they’re getting penalized).
  • Why people still aren’t creating content properly.
  • And why “those in the know” are crushing these slowpokes in the search engines 24 hours a day.

Go here and claim your spot on this webinar immediately

Follow The Second Rankings Institute Case Study

In the meantime, you can still watch his second video and the backlinking strategy used by his student, Ennis, here:


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