I was one of the lucky ones to join Andrew Hansen’s and Alex Miller’s Rankings Institute earlier this year. If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know I rate Hansen’s courses highly. The Rankings Institute turned out to be another top-class course. The doors were only open to new members for about a week.

If you’ve not heard of it before, which wouldn’t surprise me as it had a bit of an underground launch back in January, the Rankings Institute is an 8 week coaching program with a private members area which takes people from start to finish through the process of getting quality search engine traffic that will last, in 2014.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller, Hansen’s business partner and the course’s creator, is the co-founder of PosiRank LLC – the #1 SEO Platform for Agencies and has spent the past 6 years working with high profile clients and businesses that lead their respective industries – helping them to manage SEO campaigns for optimum results.

The Rankings Institute is his “nothing omitted” step by step guide to how he is getting rankings in the most competitive markets on the web, right now. Getting the rankings quickly… and making them stick. This Search Engine Optimization course was designed specifically for affiliates, product owners, ecommerce stores, and local businesses.

The program not only includes an 8 week coaching program, with personal access to coaches and full support, but also has a resource center with done-for-you-link building, access to outsource staff, almost 100 step by step training videos, an exclusive forum and community, and much more.

SEO courses come and go as this is a field that’s constantly changing, no thanks in part to Google’s bird-themed (some would say bird-brained) tweaks to its search engine.

So Do People Get Results With This?

The success rate of Rankings Institute members was remarkably high:

  • One student has already reached $4k per month from her new websites and SEO traffic
  • Another student has made $10k in affiliate commissions from a new site, since joining the Institute.
  • Then there’s the student who’s made $35k in commissions with Rankings Institute techniques just this year…
  • Along with a student who made $14k in commissions LAST MONTH with Rankings Institute techniques.

And there are many more success stories…

Such as Franc whose traffic from Google just passed 1,000 unique visitors per day. A few months ago it was less than 100.

But the craziest part? Franc hasn’t built any backlinks yet.

This video that Andrew Hansen put together shows you Franc’s explosive traffic growth and goes into more detail about exactly how it was achieved.

More importantly, after you watch the video, you’ll get the chance to pick up a Free Live Walkthrough (30 minutes long), outlining the two primary techniques that Franc used to create this spectacular result, so you can copy them on your own site starting immediately.

Reopening The Rankings Institute

Most importantly of all, the release of this video announces that in just a couple of weeks time (September 9th to be exact), the highly touted Rankings Institute 8 week SEO coaching program will be opening it’s doors for the second time!

The last 6 months saw more success stories than any other period in Hansen’s 7 years of teaching online marketing strategies…and the Institute was the cause of that.

Since January this year they’ve coached members, up close and personal, on the most cutting edge Ranking Strategies…things that simply aren’t taught anywhere else online.

And the truth is…Franc’s 1,000% traffic growth is only the beginning of the success stories.

So go check out this special video and prepare for more free content and free strategies the next 10-12 days, as we lead up to the big release.


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