This is the article marketing strategy I use for promoting something, whether that’s a specific page on a website, the website’s home page or some offer I might be promoting.

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Write An Article

I write articles with a view to spinning them. Not in the sense that some thesaurus just replaces keywords it identifies in the text with various synonyms, making for semi-readable articles, but in terms of me doing the spinning. So first, I write an article. Pretty simple. Then I take that article and rewrite each sentence in it two more times. It’s important to note that it’s sentences that get rewritten and not paragraphs as a whole.

One of these articles I’ll submit to EzineArticles. This article directory takes a couple of days to review submissions and if they find a variation of your article somewhere else, they’ll reject the submission. So articles submitted to EzineArticles need to be absolutely unique.

Once EzineArticles has accepted the article, things really start to roll…

I use three different article submission services. If you want to submit articles to a large number of directories or blogs quickly and painlessly, using such a service is highly recommended. The services I use (in order of preference) are:

1. Unique Article Wizard – $67 per month. Submits articles to hundreds of article directories and to hundreds of members’ blogs. The beauty of it is that the system will create accounts for you at all the directories automatically, saving you a huge amount of time in setting them up. Read my full review here.

2. SEOLinkVine – $67 per month. Submits articles to hundreds of members’ blogs.

3. Article Marketing Automation. Submits articles to hundreds of members’ blogs (no longer available – use Unique Article Wizard instead).

All of these services offer article spinning features. Unique Article Wizard and SEOLinkVine use the same spinning syntax. Article Marketing Automation uses a slightly different syntax but a simple search and replace will convert the UAW/SEOLV format into the AMA format.

The standard spinning syntax uses curly brackets {} to encase text to be spun, with variations separated by a pipe ( | ) character. As an example, take this sentence:

{These days|Nowadays|Currently} article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.

There are three options for the way the sentence can start, so the three sentences that can be created when spun are:

These days article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.
Nowadays article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.
Currently article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.

Scale that up by adding spinnable text throughout an article and you can easily create an article that’s 50-100% unique each time the article is spun.

Why Spend The Time Spinning?

Now the reason I write three variations of each sentence in an article is that they can be spun. So I might have something like:

{These days article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.|Using article marketing for site promotion is still a great marketing technique.|Article marketing remains one of the most successful promotion techniques currently.}

When the completed article gets spun, one of those sentences will be picked at random.

I keep my paragraphs short, no more than 2 or 3 sentences (each sentence being in three variations). I’ll have between 5 and 8 paragraphs in general (though sometimes more for a slightly longer article). So that’s about 15-24 sentences in an article.

Let’s say an article has 15 sentences with three variations of each sentence. That give 3 to the power of 15 (i.e. 14,348,907) versions of an article. Uniqueness is a bit relative here as the only difference between one version of an article and another might just be one sentence. But since I’m submitting an article to a few thousand sites at most, that’s a small fraction of the total number of article versions that can be created. So I can be pretty sure that my articles will be significantly unique from one another that the search engines won’t see them as being duplicate content.

Linking Strategies

Article directories like you to include author bios with any article you submit. It’s the section where you get to say something about yourself and promote up to 2 links. Since Unique Article Wizard is the only service that submits to article directories, it’s the only one where you need to go through the extra step of creating a bio.

However, having the same bio text, links and anchor text on every version of your article isn’t a good idea. It’s better to provide some variation, especially in the anchor (link) text you use for your links. Unique Article Wizard allows you to create variations of your author bios as well. So what I do is create 20-50 bio variations. It’s quicker and easier than it sounds. You need a few basic bios to start with, then change the link text on them to create new variations. On others, change the links. Mix ‘n’ match is the order of the day. Pretty soon you’ll find you’ve got more than enough bios to use.

Since you can only have two links in a bio, one link I always use is to the homepage of the website I want to promote. The other link will point to another page on the site. By mixing up your author bios, every article will link back to your home page and to some other page on your site. This will help with site ranking in the search engines.

Unique Article Wizard also allows up to two links in the article itself. Since each sentence is spinnable, you can promote a different link on each sentence variation. Now you can only do this on two sentences in your article, otherwise the random nature of spinnable article might create an article with more than two links and that would get your article rejected.

So pick the two sentences you want to add links to in your article and then add the link variations into the sentence variations. You’re probably scratching your head at this point (it’s harder to explain than to do!) Let’s say these are the sentence variations I want to use at the start of an article, and I want to add links into them:

{These days article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.|Using article marketing for site promotion is still a great marketing technique.|Article marketing remains one of the most successful promotion techniques currently.}

Here’s the spinnable sentences with links:

{These days article marketing is a successful site promotion technique.|Using article marketing for site promotion is still a great marketing technique.|Article marketing remains one of the most successful promotion techniques currently.}

This example shows that each sentence uses different link text and each link is to a different location. So, since Unique Article Marketing allows you to do this twice in an article, you can promote up to 6 links this way.

The Article Submission Process

I finish preparing my article by combining all the sentence variations and adding the links I want as outlined above. So, first up for submission is Unique Article Wizard (UAW). I copy the finished article into the 3 boxes in UAW, copy and paste my author bios into its box, add some spinnable article titles and submit the article. That’s it. UAW review articles so it takes a couple of days before they accept one. After that they start sending it out to the article directories (50 submissions per say is the default).

Next I copy and paste the article into SEOLinkVine and add a few spinnable article titles. These articles are submitted to a blog network rather than article directories. I sometimes include the author bios I created for Unique Article Wizard, but I’ve found that some webmasters don’t like seeing bios for other people on their blogs, so most of the time I don’t bother with including them. SEOLinkVine can submit to 10 blogs at most per day. The process of submission and publication is therefore much slower than Unique Article Wizard. That’s not a bad thing as it means backlinks to your sites and pages are being drip-fed and search engines will see that your site is continuing to get backlinks over time.

Last is Article Marketing Automation. I suspect that the quality of the blogs on this network isn’t as high as that on SEOLinkVine but it’s still a good way to get more backlinks. Submission and publication rates seem to lie between those of SEOLinkVine and Unique Article Wizard.


So how long does it take to prepare an article? If I know the subject, 1-2 hours. If I don’t know the subject, maybe 3-4 hours (I use Instant Article Wizard to create an article and then start spinning that). Yes, it’s a bit of time, but I’ll get thousands of unique versions of that article and can promote up to 8 different links with each one. Manually submitting that number of versions of an article would be impossible, so I’m happy to outsource that to the likes of Unique Article Wizard, SEOLinkVine and Article Marketing Automation.

My time is spent on the creative process in crafting articles not in the drudgery of endless submissions. That’s where my focus needs to be if I want to continue to be a successful internet marketer.

You’ll find more site promotion techniques in the free “Blog Linking Tactics” report (top right of page) that you can download from this site. As a bonus, you’ll also get access to 50 videos explaining various traffic techniques.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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