Ever heard of Udemy? They’re an online educational institution that provide a huge number of tutorial courses on a wide range of topics (internet marketing courses are a small part of what’s on offer).

I’ve no idea what Udemy actually means but I’ll hazard a guess that it’s some mix of “University” and “Academy”.

In any case, the elearning courses they have on offer are thoroughly vetted so you can be assured that they are quality courses. Many organizations even use the courses to educate their staff on various topics and information. So there’s no cheap PLR courses here.

Maybe you’re interested in learning more about internet marketing, or how to take great photos or how to change your lifestyle. Maybe you’ve a couple of free hours each evening and you just like the process of learning something new and keeping your brain active.

There’s probably something that’ll interest you there.

Some of the courses are free to sign up for though most do require a one-time enrollment fee. Course prices vary, depending on the topic and the level of expertise of the instructor.

In the run up to Black Friday, Udemy are offering a 60+% reduction in fees (the reduction goes down by 1% with each passing day) so there are huge savings to be made, especially on the high-priced courses.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know about this should any of the courses tickle your fancy.

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