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If you create content of any kind, be that on your blog, creating videos, writing guest posts, publishing on article directories, etc., the one thing we all want is for people to see that content.

Driving traffic has been the bane of content producers for years.

Doing SEO has been the traditional way of getting content to rank in the search engines, particularly Google. But the SEO rules change a bit more frequently than we’d like. And then Google go and add new algorithms into the mix like the Panda and Penguin updates that upset the apple cart.

One day you think you’ve been doing things the right way and your sites are riding high in Google. The next, they change the rules and your sites are nowhere to be found on the search results pages.

It may seem surprising after all the SEO twists and turns over the years that backlinks are still the most important factor in getting your content ranked.

It’s just that you have to be a little smarter about how you do it these days.

Manually building backlinks through commenting on other’s blogs, posting links on social media, writing guest posts and adding content to article directories is pretty time-consuming.

And, let’s face it, it’s not the most enjoyable task. I’d certainly prefer to be adding content to my blogs rather than adding content to someone else’s blog in exchange for a backlink.

If you want to speed things up, or save time, you can always outsource backlinking to someone else but you need to choose a company (preferably) with a good track record rather than some dude on Fiverr offering link building packages for five bucks.

Now, if you don’t want to spend the time or pay the high fees for professional outsourcing, there is another option.

It’s called SyndBuddy and what it does is…

  • Gets you REAL views from REAL people from different locations around the world on different IP addresses (this supercharges your rankings)
  • Gets you REAL Google +1 shares to your videos and websites (imagine using Google’s own platform against them to get FAST rankings)
  • Gets you REAL Facebook “Likes” and Shares to your websites and videos leaving Google salivating over the social power you’re getting!
  • Gets you REAL Twitter tweets to your content from hundreds of different profiles which equates to a TON of powerful social backlinks
  • Gets you REAL social bookmark syndications from high-quality sites. Bookmarks are one of the MOST powerful syndication strategies you
    can use
  • Gets you REAL web 2.0 syndications. Imagine having hundreds of people posting on web 2.0 sites for you. It’s like leveraging a HUGE
    private web 2.0 blog network 🙂
  • It does much more of course 🙂

There are currently over 3,500 members who are ready to Share, Like And Syndicate your content all over the web, so you can rank and (hopefully) start earning affiliate commissions in 48 hours.

Since the software was first released about 8 months ago, content has been shared more than 775,000 times. That’s about 100,000 shares per month per 3,000-3,500 members.  That averages out at about 30 shares per month that each member gets. Now some members will get a lot more than that and others less.  It will depend on how active a member is and how many links they share each month.

Here’s a look at SyndBuddy in action:

During the Special Offer period, you only pay one time for SyndBuddy (less than $30). And the price has been substantially discounted in this sale too. There are no ongoing monthly fees.

SyndBuddy uses a credit-based system. Each time you want your content shared, it will cost you a varying number of credits, depending on the type of share.

Each time you share someone else’s content, you earn credits.

If you use the system a lot, then there’s no reason you’d ever need to buy additional shares, though you can do that if you want.

You get 2,000 credits to use from the get-go.

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All the best,

Gary Nugent

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