UPDATE: Backlink Loophole Is No Longer Available

If you want to get quality backlinks these days, you need to use a service like this one. It’s not cheap but it does get results. Various options to suit your budget are available.

I’ve previously written about ways to get backlinks to your sites and pages in these posts:

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…as well as in my free Blog Linking Tactics report.

A couple of days ago I was contacted about a new bit of software available through the Warrior Forum that would find high-PR pages on blogs on which comments could be left to garner high-PR backlinks to my sites. At $9, Backlink Loophole was a steal – it’s now no longer available.

While the software will identify and list high pagerank pages, you still need to manually write and post comments on the pages it finds. So it’s a semi-automated solution. However, finding high-pagerank pages has never been an easy task and Backlink Loophole takes care of that onerous task. You don’t need to go backlink mad. Writing about 5 comments a day should be possible for anyone and won’t take long. The value of the backlinks you get in return will be worth that small investment in time.


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