.COM Prices to Increase

Verisign, the central domain registry, has announced that it is increasing their wholesale cost for .COM domain name registrations and renewals from $7.85 to $8.39 for all registrars, starting September 1, 2021 00:00 UTC.

The change affects domain registration prices, domain renewal fees, and domain transfer costs.

Under the new agreements it struck with the U.S. government and ICANN, the company has been able to get authorization for such a move.

If you own any .COM domains, I encourage you to take advantage current prices and register, renew or transfer your .COM domain names before the new prices go into effect.

The deal allows prices to be increased by 7% this year and for each of the next three years.

That means .COM wholesale prices will be $10.26 by 2025, provided Verisign takes advantage of each price increase and do so to the maximum it is allowed.

Domain name registrars are free to charge whatever price they want but they also have to make a profit to stay in business.

Many currently offer bulk prices below $8.39, so customers will see prices rise starting next month.

My preferred domain registrar is Dynadot as they have the lowest prices (typically half of what GoDaddy charge, especially for domain renewals).

If you need to change MX records on your domains (for example, if you’re hooking your domain name up to an online email service like Zoho or GMail For Business), Dynadot have a non-standard way of doing things and in that case I’d recommend NameCheap as a better alternative.

They’re a bit more expensive but changing MX records is a lot easier with them.

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Gary Nugent

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