Remember how I mentioned in an earlier post that GoDaddy wasn’t the best option if you’re looking to buy a domain name and that GoDaddy Support wasn’t the best?

I mentioned in that post that I was in the process of transferring one GoDaddy domain after another to Dynadot, my preferred domain registrar.

I also mentioned that despite having cancelled my GoDaddy Domain Discount Club (DDC) subscription, I was still being charged the discount price of €8.43 for domain renewals instead of the regular, and extremely expensive, fee of €18.99 for a .com.

Well, it looks like there was a grace period where GoDaddy hoped I’d renew my DDC subscription. I didn’t. And now I’m being charged the full €18.99 per domain renewal.

However, when I transfer a domain to Dynadot, the domain gets renewed for the year and I’m only charged $8.99 (about €7.88) for the transfer (that’s about 58% cheaper than GoDaddy). And future renewals will be at the same price.

Another thing I’d done as part of my Discount Domain Club membership was to get Premium “for sale” listings for the domains I was looking at selling.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that after cancelling my DDC subscription, I’d now be charged €11.99 per domain for each Premium “for sale” listing.

And GoDaddy didn’t send me any emails to notify me of these upcoming fees.

So the first I knew that my credit card had been charged was when the bill for two of these landed in my Inbox.

I immediately unset the Premium Listing Auto-Renew option on all remaining domains so I wouldn’t be charged further.

Then I contacted GoDaddy Support by Chat – because they’ve removed their Email Support option – to ask for a refund for the two €11.99 payments.

The image below is a recording of that chat. I’ve blurred out the name of the person I was dealing with.

Note that between me initiating the chat and a resolution (not entirely to my satisfaction) at the end of the chat, 50 minutes passed!

50 minutes used up when me sending a simple email requesting a refund would have been all that was needed.

And this is just one more reason why GoDaddy Support sucks.

GoDaddy Refund Request Chat

If you’ve had dealings with GoDaddy in the past, what’s your opinion of GoDaddy Support?


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