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SocialAdr is a social sharing and bookmarking Tool. The video below describes 3 new amazing tests that scientifically prove exactly how to use SocialAdr for maximum benefit. S.I.A. The SEO Intelligence Agency, who ran the case studies, gives SocialAdr a HUGE Thumbs Up!

Backlinks are what drive traffic to your site and boost your site’s rankings in the search engines. However, if your backlinks aren’t themselves indexed by the search engines, then they don’t count and they do nothing for your site.

SocialAdr gets the word out about your backlinks to over 20 social sites, ensuring that the time you put into building your backlinks isn’t wasted.

SocialAdr is a a web-based service for distributing social bookmarks so it can be used to promote any type of website, not just WordPress sites. There is plugin available for WP sites though which automatically promotes your posts as you publish them. There is a free account available where you can share other’s links/bookmarks to earn credits to promote your own links. Otherwise, the Basic subscription level is $14.95 per month which gets you 400 credits per month and you can promote 10 active URLs. Higher priced packages get you more credits per month and a larger number of URLs you can promote. You can buy additional credits at any time.

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