SpinRewriter 7

Article spinners have come and gone over the years. And, for the price point, it’s probably the best spinner out there.

Is it the best spinner available? No. That accolade goes to WordAI (they have a 3-day trial) but for that human-level quality of spinning, you pay quite a bit more ($49.95/mth or $347/yr). If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the expense.

For everyone else, SpinRewiter 7 is a very good alternative. It’s a lot better than The Best Spinner which is in the same price range.

Version 7 was released today. This post is to alert you to that fact and I’m not actually reviewing the system here.

I do use it myself (I signed up a few years ago for SpinRewriter 5 and have had an account ever since). I stopped using The Best Spinner in favor of SpinRewriter.

There are two payment options:

  • $47/mth – not recommended as it’s pricey over a year
  • $197/yr – steeper up front payment but much cheaper (equates to $16.42/mth)

As part of the SpinRewriter 7 launch, look for the Click here to take advantage of the special offer… link on the official sales page. That takes you to a third option:

  • $77/yr – definitely the best payment option and costs less than 2 months of the usual monthly plan. Plus, that will be your annual renewal fee so long as you maintain an account.

There’s a lot in SpinRewriter – check out the sales page for a full list of features. It’s more than a basic article spinner.

Now I have to admit that I don’t use SpinRewriter to write posts for my money sites. I usually write all that content myself because the I know what I write is 100% unique and entirely in my own voice.

But I will use spun articles on Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites when building backlinks. However, I always read through an article before submitting it for publication. No system is perfect and incorrect synonyms, bad grammar and oddly phrased sentences can creep in. Manually reviewing an article lets me polish it before publication. It’s a bit of extra time but worth the effort.

The current launch offer also lets you test out SpinRewriter for 5 days before you have to commit to a paid account.

Give SpinRewriter 7 a shot. You might find that it significantly reduces the time you put into article creation for building backlinks.

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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