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Anyone who owns a website wants people to visit it. You can either pay to have people visit (like paying for Pay Per Click ads) or you can rely on Organic (Free) Traffic. The problem with the latter is that if your site and its posts/pages are not highly ranked in the search engines, then you’ll only get a trickle of traffic this way.

Quality Backlinks Are Important

That’s why building quality backlinks with related sites in your niche is so important these days. The days of blasting out hundreds of low-quality backlinks are gone. That shotgun effect, which got backlinks to your site from sites all over the internet, many from niches not related to yours, now harms your rankings more than anything else.

But building quality backlinks is a slow process as you have to be careful where you get backlinks from. And slow backlink building (while good) means that your page ranks will also only climb slowly.

Taking a More Human Approach To Website Promotion

Well, I’ve just come across another method for boosting rankings that takes a more…human…approach.

You’ve heard of CTR (Click-Through Rate). It’s commonly applied to display ads like Adsense. The more clicks you get on an ad (the higher the CTR), the more money you make.

But it turns out that CTR is also important to Google where websites are concerned. Nothing to do with ads but everything to do with visitors finding your pages in Google and then visiting your site.

Regardless of where your site is listed in Google, if enough people were to visit your site, look at a couple of internal pages and, overall, spend a few minutes on the site, that’s a huge flag to Google that your site has something to offer visitors. So they boost your site rankings as a thank you.

Repeat that process over time, and Google gets the message that people like your site since they’re spending time on it. So they boost your rankings more.

Now, Google will know if you’re the only one doing this (unless you have access to a number of computers on different IP addresses). So what you need is a lot of people to do this for you, on your behalf.

And that’s where the crowd comes in…

The Wisdom of The Crowd

CrowdSearch is a service that’s been around for 2 years now. It keeps a low profile, so you’ve probably never heard of it (I hadn’t). What it does is automate the process of having people search for your site in Google (searching on your keywords) and then visiting and navigating through your site for a few minutes. There are over 200,000 people who do this for the service, so that’s a pretty sizable pool of potential visitors.

The system is pretty smart – it will figure out how many searches need to be done per day for your site and how long the visitor should stay on it. All you do is set up your campaign and let it run. Here’s an inside look at how the system works:

How It Works

CrowdSearch runs on a credit system. Each search takes one credit and each minute the visitor is required to stay on your site also takes 1 credit. In most cases, the system will calculate these figures for you, but you can set credit usage manually as you want to.

Starting today, CrowdSearch is opening its doors to new customers and is offering credit packages at up to a 45% discount.

The offer closes on Jan. 9th at midnight EST. CrowdSearch will also not be taking on new customers after this date so you won’t be able to sign up later if the offer is of no use now.

Click Here To Order Your Credits Today
(and get Max. Bonus Credits)

The credit packages are one time payments rather than being a monthly subscription. But once you buy, your account is created and you can buy credits at any point in the future. If that’s after the Friday deadline, then you’ll have to pay full price for credits. So now’s the time to stock up.

There are 4 credit packages available:

Credits Price Bonus Credits % Saving
2,000 $27 400 37%
5,500 $67 1,100 37%
10,000 $97 2,000 42%
25,000 $197 5,000 45%

Today Gets The Best Deal on Bonus Credits

The Bonus Credits available will be halved at midnight EST, each day between now and Friday. So for the $67 package, if you order today you’ll get 1,100 bonus credits. If you order tomorrow instead, you’ll only get 550; order on Thursday and you’ll only receive 275.

So it makes sense to order today while the full allocation of bonus credits is available.

You can use any of your credits whenever you want, so there’s no time limitation on their use.

In Conclusion…

So if you want real people to visit your site and boost your rankings, this is definitely a new method to promote your site. Results seem to kick in after about 3 weeks.

Remember, if you like the CrowdSearch methodology but don’t want to sign up this week, you won’t be able to join after Friday. Doors close then to new customers whether they want this week’s special offer or not.

Sign Up Today For A CrowdSearch Account

All the best,

Gary Nugent

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