The question of how much (percentage-wise) Google pays webmasters for clicks on Adsense ads displayed on their websites has always been open to speculation. Google have never revealed what that figure is and speculation among webmasters put the figure at anywhere between 10% and 50% of revenue share.

Personally, I always figured it was around the 50% mark and I think the majority of opinion put it at between 40% and 50%.

Well, it was something of a surprise then when Google recently came out and announced exactly what the revenue share percentage is. The announcement was supposedly made “in the spirit of greater transparency”.

And the percentage?


That’s much higher than anyone gave Google credit for. So there you go guys, Google haven’t been as miserly as some might have thought.

Google’s official explanation along are more details are provided on the Adsense Blogspot Blog.

So the question now is: Do you believe them and do you think Google are being completely above-board? Leave your thoughts…

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