Life After Retirement - Meet Marylyn, Don And Chase

Here’s the story of Marylyn, Don and Chase.

They’re regular folks with regular jobs who — once they were close to retirement — chose an unconventional path for their “encore” careers.

They had basic computer skills, no knowledge of building websites, and no idea about how to make money online.

But they had passion for a subject and the determination to build something valuable with it — a business that gives them purpose and income.

These are just three examples of the thousands of “everyday” people who created extraordinary websites and online businesses with Solo Build It!.

For some, it’s a side hustle that adds a few hundred dollars a month to the family income. For others, it’s a 6-figure income that replaced their day jobs.

For Marylyn, Don and Chase, their sites provide a fun and rewarding way to add purpose, excitement and extra income to their retirement.

What do you envision for your online business?

If you have an idea, but aren’t quite sure, take a look at this for inspiration.

And you’ll find some case studies here.


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If you stick with it, though, here’s that “one step further”…

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Yes, free.

But please choose someone who needs it and who will work the process.

It takes time and energy to build a successful business.

That is an economic truth that no one can change.


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