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While it’s a good idea to have your own website when doing affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have one. But being a blogger means that you do have a website where you post regularly. That may be one you own, or it may be a site on one of the free blogging platforms out there. If you’re not posting content regularly somewhere, then you’re not really a blogger.

That said, you can always just join affiliate programs and promote the raw affiliate links they give you.

This isn’t the best idea though for these reasons:

  1. Some platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) will routinely block you from posting affiliate links.
  2. Some paid advertising networks (like Google Adwords) won’t allow you to directly link to an affiliate product.
  3. There’s no way to track hits to, and conversions for your affiliate links unless the affiliate network provides that capability. And not all do. There’s also no way to see where your traffic is coming from and if it’s converting into signups or sales. This free guide explains what link tracking is all about.
  4. Affiliate links tend to be long and ugly and people can be suspicious of them. It’s better to mask your links so that they are short and look more appealing to people. You can use some of the free link shorteners for this but some platforms spider their way through such links to see the destination and will block posting of a short-link as a result.

As to which is the best affiliate program to promote…there’s no definitive answer. It depends on the niche you’re in, the size of your potential audience and whether that audience likes to buy stuff or not.

The best niches to be in are Make Money Online, Health, and Relationships (and maybe Self-Help). That’s where the money is.

Clickfunnels® Reviewed

One of the best programs to promote is probably Clickfunnels® (I reviewed it here). This is a page and sales funnel building service. It can be used by ANY business to create pages to capture email addresses, leads and prospects and put them into a sales funnel.

Getting more customers is something that would appeal to any kind of business, so Clickfunnels® is one of the few cross-niche services you can promote.

It’s also an evergreen business service, has been around for years and will continue to be.

A lot of products and services can have a relatively short shelf life. The Make Money Online niche is famous for the number of new products released each day. Then think about all the diets that come and go in the Health niche. And so on.

A good affiliate program is one that you can rely on over time, that pays on time, has a great reputation, is evergreen and provides real value to its customers.

There are a lot of ancillary services that are associated with Clickfunnels® where you can make additional commissions. Everything interlinks. This free sales funnel demonstrates this.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then I recommend you get hold of a top quality training course. It’ll save you a lot of failures, frustration and make getting results faster.

Don’t waste your money on $47-$97 courses. They don’t have staying power. They usually go out of date quickly and while support may be great in the beginning, the course developers will eventually move on to something else leaving you high and dry.

A quality education does, unfortunately, cost money. Just as University/College fees are high, expect to pay $497-$997 for a decent marketing course that’s constantly kept up-to-date and where the tutor is really interested in your success.

There are some free Primer courses available which are worth getting as by going through them, you’ll have a much better idea if affiliate marketing really is for you, before you commit money to a full-blown course. I’ve compiled a list of top courses here.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term commitment, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It can be months before you start seeing real results from your efforts. Yes, some do make a lot of money quickly, just like prospectors of old sometimes found a gold seam.

But the likelihood of any one marketer being the one who strikes gold immediately is very low. You just need to be realistic in your expectations.

No matter what you promote, your success will come down to how seriously you treat affiliate marketing as a business rather than a hobby, your mindset – especially when dealing with obstacles and failures – your focus, dedication and persistence.

But when it works, it can change your life.

I originally wrote this as an answer to a question on Quora.


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