Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop

The Fast Business StartUp Virtual Workshop runs over Easter weekend (2020) – that’s on April 11th and 12th.

It’s a  complete 2-day event to help you build an online business that will make money for the long haul.

Pre-Workshop Homework

Anyone can start the homework any time prior to the workshop. It won’t be that much, but it’s a foundation to get you ready to rock ‘n’ roll before the workshop.

Homework 1:
Survey: This a must do. In about 2 minutes you tell the team where you are and the rest of your homework will personalized based on your answers. What you have gotten done already in your business creation? From nothing to fully functioning and profitable business, they need to know so they don’t waste your time teaching you something you already know.

Homework 2:
Finding Your Niche: The team help you dig through your interests using different tools available to everyone to find the PROFITABLE niche before you start. That’s where the gold is.

Homework 3:
Getting a Domain: Your domain URL is your address on the internet. And it should be working for you all the time helping to brand you and your business while pointing the search engines easily toward your home. The team help you find the right URL at the right price.

Homework 4:
Getting an Autoresponder: Your autoresponder is the key element to building a long-term, digital asset that returns a huge percentage on your small investment. The team shows you budget options as well as high-end growth options and why “free” is seldom free.

Homework 5:
Installing WordPress: Your WordPress foundation helps you start simply but be set to grow for years to come with all the infrastructure tools you’ll require to create pages, content and more.

Homework 6:
Asset Inventory: What do you have at your disposal to help you build your business? This is not only money, but tools, expertise, relationships, etc.

Session Breakdown For The 2 Day Workshop

Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop Day 1: Selling Foundation – Starting at 9 AM ET – April 11.

Session 1: 9:00 AM
Getting started. Setting expectations for the weekend and revealing the structure for the event.

Session 2: 9:30 AM
Customer Avatar. Talk to your ideal customers to create fast sales.

Implementation : 10:30 AM
Create Your Avatar. Complete the customer avatar research and worksheet.

Session 3: 11:30 AM
Keyword Research. Building your business foundation on solid footing requires in-depth keyword research and, done well, it will drive your content and traffic plan forward.

LUNCH: 12:30 PM

Session 4: 1:00 PM
Hub and Spoke Traffic and Content Plan. This is a simple process that flows from the customer avatar and the keyword research to essentially spit out the topics that you focus on to drive strategic content.

Implementation: 2:00 PM
Complete your keyword research. Do the keyword research and create content plan.

Session 5: 3:30 PM
Critical Content Creation. Learn how to create or repurpose your critical pieces of content for ONE single income stream.

Homework and Review: 4:30 PM
Create content. Use this in your implementation on Day 2

End Day 1: 5:30 PM

Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop Day 2 – April 12th: Traffic and Conversions – Starting at Noon ET

Session 6: Noon ET
Using Your Infrastructure. Build and schedule email campaigns, WordPress pages and Social Media posts.

Implementation: 1:30 PM
Create the Sales Mechanism. Page Building and Content Delivery Mechanism. Work with our guidance on these things.

Session 7: 3:00 PM
Implementation Checklist with End Goal. Demonstration and Implementation. Complete your personal checklist based on your business and your goals to create a repeatable process that drives multiple streams of income.

Session 8: 4:30 PM
Continuous Improvement. How to measure your progress and continue to create long-term growth without working yourself to death.

End Day 2: 5:30 PM

Workshop Pricing

There are two options available is you want to attend:

  • Pay just $1 to attend the live event (that covers the 2 days)
  • Pay $97 to attend the live event plus get access to the event replays

We’re all going to be stuck indoors over the weekend, so if you’ve lost your job or been furloughed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you know that your J.O.B. isn’t as secure as you thought.

Building an online business makes you independent of having to work for and rely on an employer for a job.

And remember that many business will also fold and go under during the crisis and unemployment figures will rise substantially as a result.

So can you afford to not look at building an online business?

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If you sign up for either the live workshop or the live + replays before Sunday (April 12th), you’ll get 12 bonus trainings on tools that the workshop organizers use every day…

Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop Bonuses


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