The Proven Conference Videos Discount Deal

The Proven Conference is an annual event that’s run by Jim Cockrum and his team that runs over 3 days.

It’s primarily for people who are Amazon sellers or who are interested in building a business on Amazon.

The lectures and sessions are always recorded and offered for sale to those who are unable to attend the live events for whatever reason.

Last year (2020), no one could attend because the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing and a lot of the world was locked down.

So The Proven Conference went ahead as a purely virtual event.

As with previous years, all the sessions were recorded.

Access to the recordings of the 2020 event is normally $297, but until Midnight PST, Tonight, Wednesday March 10th (2021), the price of the recordings has been discounted by 90% and they’re available for just $20.20.

This isn’t a fake scarcity or limited time tactic.

Jim Cockrum occasionally runs flashsales on a few of his products (like he’s currently doing with his Amazon Replens course) and when the clock runs down, they do return to full price.

With this offer, you get access to all 29 recorded sessions.

Plus, you also get the recordings from all the previous conferences, bundled as an bonus.

There’s a ton of information, tips and strategies in these videos and I don’t know when they’ll be offered at this price again.

There’s a lot more information on what’s included in the offer here.


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