Silent Sales Machine Episode 369

If you’re a new Amazon seller, here’s a rule of thumb that will serve you well: Until you are earning a thousand dollars per month of profit, you should NOT invest in software and tools.

You should be getting started by MAKING money instead of SPENDING money.

Did you know that all of the dozens of Amazon seller tools that claim to help you find great products to sell are all using the exact same data purchased from Amazon?

Did you know there’s only one very inexpensive tool that stands far above all the others because it does its own dirty work by scraping data from Amazon?

Better yet, this inexpensive tool gives you a unique and unfair advantage over all other tools while charging less than $20 per month!

Far too many new Amazon sellers begin their online selling journey by wasting money and time on monthly subscription tools that are supposed to help them be a success.

The sad fact is this: starting your Amazon seller journey with a tool purchase before you are putting money in the bank is virtually always the wrong decision and Jim Cockrum has seen this mistake made thousands of times over the years!

In today’s episode he tells you about one inexpensive tool that is the ONLY tool you should consider until you are making a thousand dollars a month or more in profit on Amazon.

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Proven Amazon Course – the strategies that help you put money in the bank BEFORE you start spending any money on the few useful monthly paid tools that Jim recommends. You’ll find hundreds of recent success stories in Jim’s Free Facebook group from Amazon sellers using all manner of creative strategies from his ridiculously inexpensive yet powerful course!

Revseller: This is a Google Chrome extension that provides Amazon sellers with additional data that you don’t normally have access to when viewing a product page. It works by automatically loading the most important information directly on every Amazon product detail page that you visit.

Keepa: The service Jim and his team use to help interpret all of the selling data.

Jim Cockrum Coaching: Get a free session with a business consultant on Jim’s team.


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