If you use link cloaking for eBay links on your site, or still have Build A Niche Store (BANS) sites around that are running every link through a 302 redirect, you have 4 weeks to fix it, or your eBay Partner Network (ePN) account will be expired (SiteBuilder Elite users: SBE does not cloak eBay links, so no nothing to worry about).

ePN has a post about this on their blog, and in the last paragraph? it?s very clear:

If you are currently using a 302 redirect in a method similar to the one described above, please inform us by emailing CS and make the appropriate changes immediately. From June 8th 2010, we will treat this issue as an intentional breach of our terms and conditions and any affiliate exhibiting this behavior will be expired.

In other words ? FIX IT!

The easiest solution is to just switch to phpBay, with it?s latest updates!

If you do currently use phpBay, either on your blogs or traditional websites, you will need to update your auction file on all affected sites. You should have received an email from Wade Wells (phpBay author) informing you of the changes you need to make.

Remember, you’ve only got till June 8th to make the change or ePN will terminate your account.


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