UPDATE: No Longer Available

[Update: August 17th: Greg Jacobs’ “The Assassination target” launched today. Copies were expected to sell out in about 5 days. However, demand has apparently far outstripped what was anticipated and the doors are expected to close within 24 hours. That’s quite phenomenal for a $1997 product! So the question is: am I buying this product? No. That’s not because I think badly of the product, think it’s over-priced or any such reason. I simply don’t have the time available to follow another course as I’m already invested in Alex Jeffreys marketing course and Mike Johnson’s Autoblog Blueprint course. The Assassination might be the course for you, so check out the video on the sales page.]

I just received word from Greg Jacobs that he’s launching a new training course called The Assassination on August 17th. It teaches how to create a product and launch it, starting from nothing and ending up with a viable product.

Beyond that, the only info I have is this short blurb on the course:

The Assassination is an 8 week webinar coaching program that will take participants through the course materials to ensure success.

By the end of these 8 weeks they will have created and launched their own product.

This takes students from the beginning, starting with nothing, to creating a complete product, sales letter, website, running a launch and creating a sustainable long term income.

We also provide them with the tools they need; members receive lifetime access to The Assassins Guild (an online networking platform to build their team). They also receive lifetime access to FusionHQ – revolutionary software allowing people to build their online business from a centralized platform – no coding required, even a non-techie can do it.


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