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FlipGuardian lets you create amazing reader experiences, grow email lists, boost your sales, add value to your brand, eliminate security holes, uncomplicate and automate your workflow and simplify your life… 

Big claims indeed.

Here’s what it can do…

Generate More Leads & Newsletter Subscribers:

Give readers the ability to preview your content and then introduce a Lead Gate to add targeted and engaged prospects to your favorite autoresponder service (I suggest Systeme).

Enable your readers to keep reading and (optionally) download your content after they’ve subscribed to your mailing list.

Boost Sales & Skyrocket Conversion Up To 270%+:

Offer readers an opportunity to preview paid content then transition them into buyers using the built-in Pay Gate.

It’s super simple to set up and everything you need is built in, including ‘thank you’ emails sent to buyers along with flexible post-sale automations.

Publish Anywhere Fast, Easily And Securely:

There’s no complicated software or plugins to install and nothing else is required…

FlipGuardian is point-and-click simple and it’s all in the cloud, meaning you can login at any time to create/manage your campaigns (from anywhere with an Internet connection) in just a few clicks.

Examples of FlipGuardian in Action

FlipGuardian lead Gated Demo

Common Questions Answered (FAQ)

Q: How does FlipGuardian let me ‘Give Value First’?

A: You decide how many pages of your flip book the visitor can read for free, and whether they then need to enter a password, or their email, or to pay a fee to access the remainder.

Q: Are there any bandwidth or leads Limits?

A: No, you can capture as many leads/emails as you want, collect unlimited payments, and the free hosted campaign pages have no view limits!

Q: Can people download the flipbook as a pdf?

A: you decide whether to allow download or not for each flipbook.

Q: What is a Lead Gate?

A: This is an optin form that lets people give you their email to access the rest of the content in the flip book.

Q: What is a Pay Gate?

A: After the visitor reads the pages that you have given free access a payment option (through Stripe) pops up to ask for payment before they can continue to read the remainder of the book.

Q: What payment options are there?

A: Stripe includes not only credit card payment options, but also Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay, giving a variety of options!

Q: Is there a limit to how many PDF’s I can upload?

A: Yes, in the Founder Members’ version you get 25 active campaign slots, with the FlipGuardian Bundle offer you get 125 – you can purchase extra packs of 100 campaigns in the future if you need.

Q: What’s the difference between the Founder Members’ Version and The Bundle Version?

A: The Bundle is a special offer that includes all the upsells that are presented to Founder Members Version buyers, but at a significant discount.

You get Full Buy-Out Access, White Label Branding, 10 Lead Magnet Kit Bonus, 100 Campaign Pack Bonus – and bonuses that Founder Members do not get.

FlipGuardian Webinar

Q: If I stop using one of my books is that Campaign slot lost?

A: No, you can delete the campaign and free up the slot for a new campaign.

Q: Is FlipGuardian easy to use?

A: Yes, there’s a demo video on the page where a new campaign is set up in under 3 minutes – and with hosted-for-you campaign pages you can be sharing your flipbooks immediately.


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