If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I’m now one of Alex Jeffreys’ students. As part of the practical work he’s set in his coaching program, he’s set a competition for his students: whoever gets the most traffic to their blog by early next month will get as a prize, a complete professional blog created fro them (including content, plugins, graphics, etc. and the blog will be the front end to a whole marketing business. Quite a prize and one worth fighting for!

One of the terms of competing is for students to document how they are driving traffic to their blogs. So that’s what this progress report will be about.

I’ve spent time yesterday and today using various techniques to drive traffic. It’s a time-consuming business and there’s no way I could get everything done in a couple of days. Or even a week. Driving traffic is a long-term process, and there are quite a variety of ways to pull it. So here’s how I started:

1. I have a number of other websites so I added links pointing to this blog to them. A couple of my other websites are in the internet/affiliate marketing niche so it was ok to put a link to this blog on their front pages. With the other sites, I placed the links on “resources” or “links” pages on the site. Google seems to prefer links that are between relevant sites. Also, all links are one-way (i.e. this blog doesn’t link back to sites that link to it). One-way links carry more weight in Google and should help this blog rank better.

2. There’s a forum for students in Alex’s coaching program where the new students are asked to do two things: a) leave comments on other members’ blogs and b) post your blog link so others can leave comments on your blog. I’ve done both, but I’ll keep adding comments to other blogs over the coming days so I get more and more traffic. I’ve also added a link to my blog into my signatures/profiles on the various forums I’ve joined.

3. I’ve added my blog web address into my email signature. Anyone who reads my emails will see it there.

[Update: While writing this post, I got sidetracked into listing all the methods I use to drive traffic to my sites and ended up turning it into a report you can download (from the top right of this page). So, on the plus side I now have a report I can refer back to and that you may find useful too. On the downside, I’ve lost time actually promoting this blog!]


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