One of Alex Jeffreys challenges to his new students is to document how we drive traffic to our new blogs. I had intended doing just that in a post on this blog, but the post was getting longer and longer as I listed the various methods I use. So I decided to turn it into a report instead.

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In all, the report ended up being 14 pages long, so it would have made for a huge and unwieldy post. The Blog Linking Tactics Report, as I’ve called it, lists 27 solid, proven techniques for driving traffic to your blog. If you’re just looking to promote a standard (non-blog) website, then the majority of techniques will still be relevant to you. The report does list some blog-specific methods (by using certain WordPress plugins) to drive traffic which won’t apply to traditional websites.

You can get the report by entering your name and email address in the box at the right of this page.

I’d love to get some feedback, so leave a comment after you’ve looked over the report. it’s a bit raw at the moment but I wanted to get it out there rather than sit on it while it gets prettied up. Members of my list will continue to get free updates to the report as they’re released.


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