The ArbiCash SystemIn case you don’t know what arbitrage is, it’s buying something for one price and selling it for a higher price (hopefully) and pocketing the difference.

It’s an ancient way of doing business and its use continues today because it can be very profitable.

It’s a model I used over a decade ago when I used to buy space program memorabilia on auction sites and then sell it at a profit either on eBay or locally through classified ads.

It’s a model that can also work well for webmasters.

Buy cheap traffic from one source, have that traffic directed to a webpage and then earn from clicks on ads and affiliate links on that page. The trick is to earn more than you pay.

If you’ve ever done Pay Per Click advertising before, you likely used Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook. There are other sources you can drive traffic from out there as well.

What is ArbiCash?

Examining this business model and dissecting it is a new eBook called ArbiCash. It is intended purely for webmasters and looks at how this model works and explains how to implement it on a website.

It concentrates on using Native Ads. Now this is a term I’d never come across, but I’d seen hundreds, and probably thousands of Native Ads on sites I’ve visited over the years, All the big sites show them. And when you learn how to spot them, you’ll slap yourself and wonder how you missed the blindingly obvious.
ebook mentions several ad networks that serve Native Ads, I’d never heard of any of them. Here was a whole class of advertising that had completely passed me by over the years. My guess is that many webmasters also aren’t aware of these ads or how to make use of them.

Here’s the cover and Contents page of ArbiCash which I bought today (click the image for a larger view):

The ArbiCash eBook

The ebook is 62 pages long, in PDF format, and very nicely presented. Pages aren’t dense with text and it took me about 40 minutes to read through it.

If you’ve ever come across those click-bait type sites – you know the ones where there’s a gallery of images and you have to click the “Next” button to cycle through 10-20 images and the page is peppered with ads – they use this particular business model.

They’re obviously successful at what they do as there seem to be quite a lot of them out there. Big sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Time Magazine use aspects of this model as well. So everyone in the know is at it.

This may not be the type of website you’re interested in building, but if it is, ArbiCash walks you through the process of building such a site with WordPress. Some themes are suggested and there are three WordPress plugins that you need to use to build sites this way (they’re all free).

There are two aspects to this system:

  1. Creating your own Native Ads to advertise your webpage(s)
  2. Placing Native Ads along with ads from other networks on your website and/or page to earn from ad clicks

So you will need some money to buy ads with. The recommended Native Ad network requires a minimum ad spend of $10 per day. That may be outside your budget and so the book gives a couple of tricks to have a lower daily ad spend.

Being able to start a campaign with a winning ad is everyone’s goal and to that end a service is recommended that analyzes Native Ads running on tens of thousands of websites. It will tell you which ads are displayed the longest, to whom they’re displayed (demographics and get-location) and so on. The downside is this service is about $180 per month. You don’t need to use it though it might be a worthwhile tool if you should turn a significant profit each month.

So Is ArbiCash Worth It?

Well, for about $27, I think it is worth it.

I learned about a whole new side of advertising and new ad networks that I’d never come across before. New information like that is always worth considering.

Arbitrage is a simple, time-tested business model and this ebook details a strategy and methodology specifically for webmasters.

What About One Time Offers?

Yep, there are OTOs, just as there are for almost every internet marketing product out there. There are 3 OTOs here:

  1. ArbiCash Intensive Pro Upgrade ($97) – this provides the book’s content in a 14-part video tutorial series.You also get the Native Ads Helper WordPress plugin which makes it easy to create Native Ads and the UTM tracking codes needed to keep track of where traffic to your site is coming from.Also included with this OTO is an ebook called 25 Proven Traffic Methods which provides over 300 pages of alternative ways to drive traffic, access to a closed Facebook Mastermind Group, a webinar on how to find a nearly unlimited supply of Royalty Free Images and a 70/30 share of commissions from one Native Ads network (normally they pay 60% commissions but ArbiCash buyers get 70% commissions).I did buy this OTO.
  2. OTO 2 is $197 and to be honest I skipped over it as it was something about a membership site I wasn’t interested in joining.I did not buy this OTO.
  3. OTO 3 is $497. I expect one or maybe two OTOs to be in a sales funnel. I get annoyed when there are more, so I didn’t even read what this one was offering.I did not buy this OTO either. 


If you’re a webmaster, particularly one who builds WordPress sites, and you’re looking for a new way to monetize your sites, ArbiCash is certainly worth a look.

Like I said, I learned something new from the ebook. I plan to build a test site using its principles to see how things pan out.

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee for the ebook and OTOs, so you could always buy at today’s price and get a refund later if you don’t think strategy is for you.

Check Out The Official ArbiCash Sales Page

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